Cookinfanatic pre-blog busy-ness!

Interested in seeing Cookinfanatic’s pre-blog recipe activity NOTE:  correct answer is YES!!! haha 😉 

But seriously, before I started this blog I definitely was busy posting away recipes and wanted to let you know that you can find the following at if you’re interested, just start up an account (free AND easy!) and search for Cookinfanatic1 — there ya go all you food lovers!!

  • Baked Ratatouille (holy yum!)
Cheesy veggie goodness:  drool ;)

Cheesy veggie goodness: drool 😉










  • Buffalo chicken stuffed blue cheesy baked potatoes (yea Frank’s!)
  • Blue cheese / Canadian Bacon / Apple pizzas (Sandra Lee, good woman)
  • Spicy black beans & coconut rice (such a great standby)
  • Italian stuffed turkey burgers (who knew fancy could be this easy?)
  • BLT blue cheese chopped salad
  • Calabacitas 8 ball stuffed squash (say what?)

Hope you enjoy!


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