Dreamin’ of the Islands already…?!

Okay, so here’s the deal… The Man and I are scheduled to go on a cruise to the Bahamas next week (whoop whoop!) so I guess I was already feelin’ the Caribbean breeze when I decided that tonight would be an Island Soyaki kinda night?!  You are probably saying to yourself, what is this Island Soyaki nonsense all about you crazy cookin’ feine?  Well, that is a great question… and Mr. Trader Joe can answer that one for each of you!  I discovered this most delicious marinade one afternoon a couple weeks back while perusing the aisles at the local TJ’s (you know you do it too, don’t lie, that place is just too good!)
Mr. TJ & hit pretty labeling... sheesh!

Mr. TJ & his pretty labeling... I am SUCH a sucker!!!












The cute labeling done by Mr. TJ roped me in (I am a marketer’s dream, what can I say?)  With ingredients like pineapple, sesame seeds, ginger and the such PLUS a freakin’ palm tree on the label, I thought this was sure to be a playground of yum for the ol’ tastebuds – and that it was!  All I can say is go buy this.  Go buy this now!  😛  Butttttt anyways, as you are probably wondering, what in the heck I did with this stuff tonight that has me raving about freakin’ sauce…..?  Three words:  Boneless Pork Chops.  Ok, so I must admit that I really never ate pork prior to ohhh about 3 months ago (I mean like seriously NEVER) however if cooked properly, pork can be a great lean meat addition to the diet and is quite reasonable on the ol’ wallet!  So first step was to marinate, took care of that before heading to work in the a.m. and came home to some juicy chops oh so ready for cookin’!  I put them in the oven at 350F for about 15 minutes, checkin on them ever so often and perhaps leavin them in a bit longer until done cookin’….

Time for a roastin'!

Time for a roastin'!











Alongside this island pork dream creation we had an awesome pesto dressed salad including lettuce, tomatoes, onion, oregano, salt/pepper, balsamic, pesto, parm… oh yea that’s what I’m talkin bout!. 

Pesto Salad


I also heated up some stuffed blue cheese potatoes that we had leftover in the freezer from our housewarming party (go Rachel Ray, best party app e-v-e-r!) and I couldn’t resist a quick reheat of these delicious morsels, shame on me :"> !

 Of course drinks were to be enjoyed as well, The Man with a Kennebunkport beer (Mr. TJ strikes again!) and me with a Chard/Viogner blend (ohhhh yeaaa!).  Let’s just say that with as simple as this meal was to prepare, it was AWESOMELY DELICIOUS!!!  Here’s the table spread for your viewing pleasure – yea the Frank’s hot sauce had to be done on the blue cheese potatoes, sue me! 😉 

See, pork can be good....!

See, pork can be good....!











See that, a close-to-clean plate and wine in hand — happy girl?  I think so!!

Yoga workout - check. Wine in hand - check.  Delicious, easy, healthy dinner in tummy - check!!

Yoga workout - check. Wine in hand - check. Delicious, easy, healthy dinner in tummy - check!!











And poor Lucy Dog being such a good girl, just beggin’ for some food even though she refused to eat her dog food tonight!

Please, someone, anyone, give me some tableeee scrapppps!!!

Please, someone, anyone, give me some tableeee scrapppps!!!











Well, off to eat some nilla ice cream and brownies — hey I did yoga today, I get to compensate right 😉 ?!?!?!  I’ll probably find THIS scenario when I get back into the den (best buds over here…) – till tomorrow see ya!!

Video game best buds

Video gamin' best buds


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