Cruise junkies & hot dates… ;)

So here it is peeps, Friday has finally made it’s debut this week and boy was I EVER ready for that one to finally happen.  I mean seriously, what a busy week this has been and nothing feels as good as the week winding down to a close knowing that I get 2 whole days to relax, lay by the pool, drink pina coladas do housework and get my life back in order…. right?  Haha, jk for real though, we gots nothing major planned this weekend and to tell you the truth I am lovin’ that… So on the main agenda will be the usual suspects:  grocery shopping, working out, computa time, Lucy Dog play time, boyfriend time… you know how we roll.  But also, this very weekend, making an appearance on the ol’ agenda will be none other than…. duh duh duh duh…. gettin’ ready for CRUISE EMBARKATION! (okay for those of you who aren’t addicted to cruisin’ or who have never been on such a trip of fantastic-ness, I will let you in the loop… cruise embarkation is getting on and boarding the ship hahaha)  I mean seriously, there is just something about buying liquor to bring onboard new sunsreen and other cruise essentials that just really solidifies that the trip is near!!  Now that, my friends, deserves a whoop whoop of the loudest kind 😉

Happy campers?  I-think- SO!!!

Happy campers? I-think- SO!!!










But aside from all this cruisin’ nonsense, I know that each and every one of you is really wanting to know what cookinfanatic has on the agenda for her Friday night… and many of ya’ll may think it is yet another lovely evening in the kitchen o’ fun for this lady… but you, my friends, would be wrong.  This is because The Man has decided that tonight he is going to take his lady love 😛 to Firebirds Rocky Mountain Grill (do note that I prefer a non-chain dining experience most times, however this one may be an exception)….  No kids, this girl no longer spends endless crazy outta-control weekend nights reliving her college days (welcome to suburbbbiiiaaaaa) unlike other siblings in her fam who are still living them out (mmm hmmmm u know who u are)

Ahhh college... sweet sweet years of endless funnnn.... (no Tech fun however for this Duke ha!)

Ahhh college... sweet sweet years of endless funnnn.... (hey, how did I get all this Hokie gear on... who did this to me!?! haha Go DUKES!)

















 Okay let me rephrase, this lady doesn’t spend as many of her weekend nights this way, right 😉  But anyways, back to suburbia and Firebirds and The Man and the outdoor mall we will be visiting this fine eve….. I’ve checked out the menu (bc that’s what us foodies do) and it looks pretty good… I’ve also checked out the nutritional stats and upon beginning THAT reading adventure decided that these were better left to the ol’ ‘imaginiation’… yea, it’s gonna be that kinda night people.  So we are off to the outdoor mall, suburbanizing it up, for a lovely dinner romancin’ it up tonight.  But first, however, me and this lady have an important pre-dinner date:

I vow to make you firm and toned grrrrr!!

I vow to make you firm and toned grrrrr!!











25 minutes of pure Shreddin’ – and guys, I love this stuff, I’ve been doin’ it for over a year now and this nutcase (no offense J.M.) of a lady works miracles!  I swear by it.  Soooooo fellow food lovin’ friends, after me and Jillian meet up and after me and The Man have some slammin’ delicious din then I shall be back for a dinner recap —- until then!!! 🙂


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