Cookin’ in my jammies :)

 Ahhh Monday, what would we do without you… so anyways, we all know how that goes.  After waking up numerous times to the torrential downpour/lightening/thunderstorm going on at 2am last night (ahhh!) I was a bit tired an in need of a serious oats/iced coffee brekkie… check!  After that, it was time to tackle the day – must say that due to my short week and our upcoming cruise extravaganza I actually did not have a case of the “mondays”!!  Worked per usual in my cubicle, CPA’ing it up (ummm, obvi like so much better than Jenna’s gig this week making cupcakes, I mean seriously haha rightttt 😉 ).  Quick snappy of the lunch spread – leftover salad from dinner at The Man’s parentals last night, hummus/tomato/red pepper wrap & (not pic) hershey’s chocolate bar – yep the whole darn thing haha! 
Wrappin' at my desk ya say...?!  freakin' CPA craziness! ha

Wrappin' at my desk ya say...?! freakin' CPA craziness! ha












Once I got home I knew it was time for a good sweat (countdown to bikini time is wayyyy tooo close!) and was gonna have a chat with my fave J.M. for a quick shred sesh until I happened to come across this Kendall Hogan Bootcamp CalBurn routine (Fios on demand!) – sorry J.M. :/  U still my main lady fo’ sho’!!  This video was awesome actually, had a great combo of cardio and various moves that we all know are uber-effective i.e. squat thrusts, mountain climbers, skaters, etc!  FYI my aerobics instructor at the Y let me know that boot camp routines are making their way to the top of the “exercise fad/popularity” scale — I see why!  Go ahead with yo bad self Kendall, this routine is the shizzz! 🙂

Who is this guy?!  Good stuff, that's what's up!

Who is this guy?! Good stuff, that's what's up!











So I worked out with my main man Kendall, and it was awesome.  Ohhhh butttt I must rewind to pre-workout – I forgot to fill you in on the start of the dinner adventure tonight!  So this weekend I found this boneless pork ribeye roast (ummm neverrrrrr even thought to use something like this before, that’s what having  a strapping young lad of a boyfriend will do to a most veggie eatin’ lady o’ love!) and threw it in some marinade last night – used A1 Chicago Steakhouse marinade (hoo-ahhh!).  When I got home I decided it was time to breakout the Paula Deen dutch oven that was just recently purchased (soooo excited!) and got to quick searing the roast, dousing it in the rest of the marinade & some red wine before popping it in a 275 degree oven for about an hour (it was a 1.6lb roast).  

On the menu tonight:

  • boneless pork roast – A1 chicago steakhouse & a ‘splash’ o wine
  • stuffed squash – 8 ball squashies Calabacitas style (!!! love these!!!)
  • parm noodles

So after the workout and some quick cleaning, the roast was done (thanks Paula Deen, lovin’ the new dutch oven and it’s sooo cute to boot)!!

Buuuuutterrrrr anyone ;)

Buuuuutterrrrr anyone 😉











Then it was time for squashie prep, but not before some white wine was poured! 

Costco purchase, very yummy!

Costco purchase, very yummy!













To make these most delish squahies, just cut off top (I was making 2),  hollow them out w/ a melon baller, place in boiling water for 5 minutes.  Then saute 1/2 chopped onion, squashie insides & 1/2 can diced green chilis for about 10 minutes.  Salt/pepper to taste of course 😉

Stuff meeeee!!

Stuff meeeee!!

Don't worry squashies, here come the goodies!!

Don't worry squashies, here come the goodies!!

Once this is ready, stuff into the squashies with some shredded Monteray Jack cheese and bake at 375 til melted (I also broil at very end to bubble the cheesy!)…  I also removed the pork roast from the dutchie and reduced the sauce down, adding some white wine and a chunk of onion for flavor.  Once it thickened up a bit, I sliced the roast and placed back in the pot o’ sauce to warm through. 
The Man insisted that we snap this lovely pic of me cookin’ it up in my jammies (so embarassing!) – so here is the cookinfanatic in action!
Happy jammie girl! :)

Happy jammie girl! 🙂

So enough with the talk here…. check out the spread!!!
Pork & squashies & noodles oh my!

Pork & squashies & noodles oh my!

And a quick peek at my plate, red wine to go with (hey, why not eh?!)  The pork was uber-tender and turned out super-delish… I was pretty proud of me’self since it was a first time for this girl!! 🙂  The squashies were superb as well, I highly recommend these guys (farmer’s market yeaaa!!!)


Well folks, it’s time to go watch some tele with The Man (he is currently buggin’ me and I think he wants some attention from his lady lurveee 😉 )  Tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary (whoop whoop!) so we have some pretty awesome dinner plans at a great restaurant downtown… see ya for a recap!!!  Night all 🙂   

9 responses to “Cookin’ in my jammies :)

  1. Happy One Year of Manjoymnet. I’m so happy for you two. I owe you a batch of cupcakes to celebrate 🙂 Love you bestie. Have a great dinner tomorrow!

    • I love it! I mean, who woulda thought right 😉 We are so excited and couldn’t be happier too 🙂 Can’t wait for our gals excursion to NJ, it’s gonna be a blasty!! XOXO

  2. I’m glad I found your blog! Now I will have lots of cooking inspiration! I know what you mean about LA…pretty fun place. I do miss Virginia sometimes though. Especially the seasons. I look forward to trying some of your recipes in the future!

    • Great, I would love for you to read the blog! I will def be checkin’ yours out as well to see how things are goin on the west coast (aka get jealous that you live in Cali!) 🙂 🙂

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!! A cruise? That sounds like heaven. Hope you two have a total blast. Great job with dinner and the picture with you and Kendall cracked me up

    • Thanks for the dinner props!! I will def be takin’ tons of pics on the cruise and posting afterwards, I am super excited 🙂 Gotta love Kendall right haha 😉

  4. where’s the picture of Little Lu?!?! jk i guess your food looks pretty tasty too. Gosh I miss you guys! Come live in my little room and cook food for me?! I have a microwave and a mini fridge! It’s pretty legit….

    • Lu was on a pic takin’ hiatus due to her minor injuries after sunday’s fiasco 😦 she shall return soon though, no doubt! and mom is watchin’ her this weekend (maybe I’ll have her take some snappys) while we’re gone – as long as Danny doesn’t mess that plan up! (fyi Danny is a tropical formation they are tracking grrrr)

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