Findin’ some southern comfort @Comfort!!!

 Heyyy bloggy world!!  Soooo date night is here, but not just any ol’ date ladies & gents, it’s The Man and his crazy cookin’ lady’s 1 year anniversary dinner and we are ready to do some serious eatin’!!


But first, this afternoon’s adventures (oh the suspense right ha 😉 )  After work I stopped by the trusty Kroger to pick up a few cruise essentials, including my “emergency kit” – aka bars of deliciousness in case hunger randomly strikes (this equals a very grumpy lady fyi, and didn’t think this would add to the cruisin’ atmosphere!)…  I of course consulted Lucy Dog upon getting home to make sure that she was ok with my choices, which she was for the most part but really wanted to know why I didn’t get and bone flavor to share with her?!

Ruffbars for me people owner??

Ruffbars for me people owner??



A close up of the goods

A close up of the goods

So with that outta the way and me feelin’ good about combating a possible hunger emergency… I decided it was time for a small pour of red wine mmm hmmm!!  This merlot is deelish btw (thanks Laura for the purtyyy wine glass w/ my initial!)
I heart wine :)

I heart wine 🙂

Andddddddddd then The Man got home from work with a flower surprise for his lady o’ love!!!  I love fresh flowers, so beautiful 🙂
Flowers match my shirt (girls love that stuff ;) !!)

Flowers match my shirt (girls love that stuff 😉 !!)

The man of the hour…. (!!)
I love him *sigh*  :)

I love him *sigh* 🙂

Then we were off — got to Comfort and had to wait a few for a table so I got a delicious cold crisp glass of Chardonnay… yum!  Then we sat down and perused the menu, got a quick snappy of that one for you guys, hope you can read it okay (kinda small?)  The way this place works is that you pick your main dish (meat/fish/etc) and then choose 2 or 3 sides…. mix n’ match! 
Pic of the menu at Comfort (rustic!)

Pic of the menu at Comfort (rustic!)

We decided to start with shrimp & grits (per my recommendation whoop whoop!) and were also served some cornbread/bread as well as water in cute mason jars!  The app was awesome, cheesy grits, shrimp, caramalized onion & some sort of delish sauce… ahhh just as I remembered.  So good!  Here is a pic of my portion…
Shrimp n' grits --- gotta love the south!

Shrimp n' grits --- gotta love the south!

For dinner I chose the trout (which I came to find out was grilled in the skin & wrapped in bacon!), scalloped potatoes & beets (served w/ some sort of creamy sauce).  The Man chose meatloaf w/ mushroom gravy, mac n’ cheese & sweet corn…. here is what was served!!!
Trout, scalloped taters, beets

Trout, scalloped taters, beets

Snazzy meatloaf, macky, corn

Snazzy meatloaf, macky, corn

The trout was  the shizzz and a half, I’m talking piping hot, smoky flavor, not greasy in the slightest, perfectly cooked & moist… I mean, who thought trout could be so freakin’ good… not this girl!  I want to try to replicate this one for Mom & Dad  soon, I think they would love it 🙂  The beets were def my second fave, they had a hint of cinnamon like flava to them (?)… very refreshing!  The scalloped taters great as well, but the other two items were the superstars!  The Man’s meal was very delish too, not my first choice  of items but I know that he thoroughly enjoyed them (and most of my taters too 😉  but that’s cause I love him, enough to give up my delish taters!)
Alright, well I’m off bloggy friends, unfortunately blogging is not on the top of the list of way to spend an anniversary with your man right… see you tomorrow!  Cruise in t-minus 3 days if all goes well!!!!!!!!!!  Night all 🙂

6 responses to “Findin’ some southern comfort @Comfort!!!

  1. awwwwwwwww Lucy is such a cutie! Love her. Glad she was cool with the bar picks ;). VERY sweet that you got flowers and that dinner looks incredible (ESPECIALLY the shrimp and grits). Good luck with the cruise prep 🙂 🙂

  2. foodieinthecity

    Dinner looks delicious! How are those ThinkFruit bars?

    • This will be my first time trying the ThinkFruit bars actually (I usually have Lara or Cliffs) but they caught my eye so I’m pretty excited to try (I mean choc + pom, what could go wrong I am thinking?!) — I’ll def let ya know though!

  3. Happy one year Anniversary!! oooh, a cruise – SO jealous. I’ve never been. 😦 It’s on my bucket list, though!

    Lucy is ADORABLE. And so are you and your man!

    • Thanks!! 🙂 Oh girl, cruises are THE BEST!!! (I am slightly obsessed with them I think haha) I’ll be doin’ a recap when get back for sure, the food is usually pretty darn good so I’m excited about that for sure… have a good one!

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