Use up whatcha got & talkin’ ice cream…??!!


 Hey guys!! Quick breather from packing/etc. to post tonight’s happnin’s & eats — whoop whoop for “use up watcha got” night!!!  As we speak I am enjoying a most delicious make-shift wheat wrap pizza w/ tons of fresh veggies – but you’ll just have to muddle through some nonsense here first to get to those pics!  : P   So after my scheduled meeting with J.M. (Jillian Michaels, in case ya’ll aren’t on a nickname/initials basis haha), I was feelin super awesome, J.M. always let’s me know what’s up and keeps me in check fo’ sho’

super tough, don't mess w/ this gal.... ;)

super tough, don't mess w/ this gal.... 😉











Packing was successful, well the clothing part, the massive quantity of toiletry products (who me?) have yet to be gathered  — there goes 15lbs in the shared suitcase hahaha… my biggest question is when did I get so high maintenance in the shampoo/lotion/etc area…. I mean wtf?!  So anyways, some things are just meant to be and accept this I have done.  Here are the 3 dinner dresses I decided to pack, the black one for our “formal” night onboard.

Gotta pull out the fancies for these dinner outings peeps....:)

Gotta pull out the fancies for these dinner outings peeps....:)












After all this shredding and posing and packing nonsense it was finally dinner time!  So I decided to work w/ the following ingredients – usin’ em up economical style…


Zucchini, tomatoes (cherry & red), wheat wraps, shredded mozz... and don't forget the red wine!!!

Zucchini, tomatoes (cherry & red), wheat wraps, shredded mozz... and don't forget the red wine!!!











So I was estatic to not leave these to waste – and I mean, I woulda felt terrible leavin’ the wine guy behind, I mean seriously, priorities people 😉  And here was how it turned out (!!)

Holy yummm, this was the shizzzz peeps!!!  Word.

Holy yummm, this was the shizzzz peeps!!! Word.











Ya’ll, this was for real good and I will definitely make it again for a quick dinner in a pinch…  sauteeing the veggies (including yellow cherry maters) first was the ticket… then I layered big red tomato slices on the wrap, topped with sauteed mixture (onion, yellow cherry maters, sliced zucchini, yellow bell pepper) and added the cheese.  Broil until the cheesy goes a’bubbly and you are in for 1 delish (and healthy what what) treat!!!  After the pizza love, I heard a noise coming from the freezer and realized that obviously this was the almost empty pure vanilla bean ice cream container lettin’ me know that it had to be finished as well ;), I mean, don’t leave a brotha out here….  In other dinner happnin’s, The Man is definitely not going to the store to get chocolate for us now, nope that’s sure not happening…. hahaha… only the 2 of us will ever know 😉

So for real bloggin’ peeps, anyone else have a good recipe that they just happened to stumble upon putting together while using up things in the fridge/cupboard?!

Well I better get to finishing up packing and cruise preparation…. we are leaving straight for the airport after work tomorrow and I am just praying that our flights go smoothly…. (fingers crossed!).  I plan on bringing the computer so that I can blog some recaps while at the airport (we have a crazy long wait on Monday 😦 ) but won’t be posting while out floating at sea…. don’t worry though, I will have plenty of fun recaps afterwards for ya’ll I am hoping!!! Alright friends, until tomorrow, sleep well and see ya on the flipside for vaca departure day!


11 responses to “Use up whatcha got & talkin’ ice cream…??!!

  1. Girl- you got a fab body! Nice work 🙂 Your dinner looks so good! I totally love making pantry/fridge dinners- using WHATEVER I have on hand. I call whatever I end up making “a bowl of deliciousness”. I love square plates too- or funky shaped plates! They make me smile too 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I agree, it’s def fun to get off the recipe path sometimes and just use what ya got… a bowl of dee-lish, I like the sounds of that! 🙂

  2. Mark Shizzle

    Great blog. Nice picture, look at those abs! Amazingggggg! If I follow your recipes will I look like that? haahaa.

    I actually made my own creation last night since you were asking. It turned out kind of like a baked Soufflé:
    -three eggs (brown)
    -1 tsp each: oregano, mint, cinnamon, ground mustard seed
    -chopped up red, yellow, green pepper (for color)
    -red onion, chopped
    -grapes and mandarin orange slices

    Mix all ingredients in a bowl and pour in Soufflé dish. Bake 20 mins until light brown on 350 degrees.

    So far this is the best concoction I’ve come up with, so I thought I’d share 🙂

    Have fun on your cruise can’t wait to read about it!

    • I like the recipe idea, definitely a great combo of different flavors & spices (love savory/sweet blends)!!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the comments 🙂 Have a great one!

  3. Food n Fitness

    Omg that looks delicious!

  4. haha i love that you and jillian are on an initials-only basis 🙂 That dinner looks awesome, i love when things come together unexpectedly like that! have a great day

  5. foodieinthecity

    Yayyy J.M. Haha :). Mike has never run to the store to get us cupcakes when I’ve been craving one either… (Errr, ok maybe a few weeks ago!). Glad to know I’m not alone in my night time sugar cravings!

    • Aren’t boyfriends the best 🙂 Jordan loves candy, he is such a bad influence (!) – at least that’s what I’ve convinced myself, it’s all Jordan’s fault right? haha!

  6. Hey girl-

    I don’t think your blog likes me! haha. My comment didn’t post yesterday 😦 Then I just tried posting awhile back and it didn’t post. Maybe this one will post? Third time is the charm?

    Anywho.. on to my comment!

    Yayy for J.M.! 🙂 Love that you two are the initial basis. I’m getting close!

    Mike has NEVER gone to get me (oh, I mean us 🙂 ) cupcakes before when I have had a night time craving… (errr… wait, did that just happen a few weeks back? hehe)

    • My blog is hatin’!?!?! Haha – what’s up with that? For some reason your comments were sent to my spam folder and I didn’t realize it??? I wonder why… hmmmm… anywho, glad I finally got them at least! Where did you get the PB by the way…? Hope you have a great weekend and I look forward to catching up on your blog posts when I get back girl!! 🙂 🙂

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