B-b-b-b-aaackkkkk!!! Here comes the recap…. :)

Well, not technically… we are currently sitting in the Orlando airport for the next 9 hours, but that’s another story grrr!  And since I am always soooo optimistic ;),  I figure it will give me ample time to post the cruise recaps so really I’m not thattttt upset over it!

So guys, we had an ammmayyyy-zing time on our long weekend cruise, it was everything we coulda wanted and then some – props to my peeps at RCC for makin’ that shiz happen!  And I’m warning you all now, we took a ridiculous amount of pics so I’m gonna try to not get outta control on the blog posting front but no promises from this girl…. !

Alright, here it is peeps, I thought it’d be best to break down the trip into each day (I’m a CPA, 1 to 1 ratio is where it’s at)  So that’s what’s up and here it goes…. (p.s. hope you guys had a rockin’ weekend too!!!)

So after a long night of travels, me and The Man got a good night’s sleep and were all nice & rested up for DAY ONE of our cruisin adventure 🙂

Let's hit the road!!!

Let's hit the road!!!











We were off to the port early afternoon and had no prob boarding the ship (whew).  So things were good, and it was time for this duo to get their priorities straight:

Priority 1:  Bar, mojitos

So let's get to the important stuff here peeps - u know!

So let's get to the important stuff here peeps - u know!











Priority 2:  Food, only buffet style will do

K, call me crazy, but I think the cruise salad bar is the besttttttttttt (yea, that's right!)

K, call me crazy, but I think the cruise salad bar is the besttttttttttt (yea, that's right!)

Priority 3:  Pool, sun, loungin’
Pool homies :)

Pool homies 🙂

 And then the ship was off on a mad dash for the land of sun, sand & tropical beverages fun!!  But not before we got interrupted by the anticipated muster drill…..  The Man was super pumped bout that one (99 degrees + 900 peeps up in your grill = not so nice)  hahaha
Argghhh ye mateys!

Argghhh ye mateys!

 I, on the other hand, was a perfect angel and followed the muster drill instructions to a T 😉 — hence the angel of light photo opp (sorry, this one was just too good to pass up posting hahaha)
Ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhh  (haha)

Ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhh (haha)

See ya Florida, off we go into the wide blue yonder!  So we finished up our pool deck departure festivities and went back to our closet stateroom to gussy up for our first dinner outing.  We had the late dinner seating and were hoping that they had put us at a table with the ‘cool kids’ (aka not with table guests that are completely awkward and make each meal brutally uncomfortable)….
Schooner Bar - classin' it up like woah

Schooner Bar - classin' it up like woah

… and RCC def hooked it up, we met some super cool peeps from New Mexico & Florida, but you’ll just have to wait til’ day 3 to see a pic of those cats 😛
Dinner was pretty good for night 1 (I will say that it got better as the trip progressed) and we had some great choices – I went on the Indian route and ordered the curry w/ yogurt/cucumber sauce (bling bling) and got some shrimpies for an app.  The Man was feelin’ the sea & chose the mahi tempura platter (blurry pic :/) and the onion soup for an app – and there is a sneak attack steak pic that made it’s way in there (thanks new table peeps!).  See the dinner montage below:
Shrimp cocktail
Onion soup
Guess dessert wasn’t too memorable this first night, or else I was too many glasses o’wine deep to remember the photo opp 😉  (JK…right)  But peeps, the coolest part of the night happened a lil’ before the stroke of midnight when they launched the space shuttle from Kennedy and we could see the ENTIRE THING from the boat deck!!!!  It was an absolutely spectacular experience, I have never seen anything like that – breathtaking *sigh*  We took a video, however I don’t have the video plug-in quite yet so sorry peeps, no post :/
Hey, how'd that get in here?? ;)

Hey, how'd that get in here?? 😉

Hey, where’d the pizza pic come from?  Yea yea yea… Sorrento’s pizza place of perfection… haha well not exactly but it was pretty good for cruise pie – note that The Man crushed almost half a pizza late night post-shuttle blast off.  Ladies & gents, that deserves a whoop whoop!  Alright guys, well day one was pretty much the shiz, and the trip only got better…. onto the next post in a few hours (we’re stillllllllll in Orlando for another 7.25 hours haha)…
Count of people I have seen go backwards on the flat moving belt thing in the airport – 2.  1 for fun, 1 chasing his child.  Keepin’ the tally runnin’ folks (no pun intended..)
OK time for a google reader reading break guys, I can’t wait to see what you peeps were up to over the weekend and want to read all the posts that I missed!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

5 responses to “B-b-b-b-aaackkkkk!!! Here comes the recap…. :)

  1. awwwwwww glad you two had so much fun! The food looks fabulous! Nothing like a good salad bar and I am loving the looks of the shrimpies. Very cool that you got to see the space shuttle launch!!!!

  2. You’re back!!!! It looks like you had so much fun 🙂 9 hours… what!?!?

    • yea, 9 freaking hours grrr…!! It was such a good price on the flight and it’s nonstop (all the others had layovers in ATL and we all know how that almost-disaster went) – so here we are – 5 hours into our wait however I have 2 of the 3 cruise days recapped already so at least it’s productive haha 🙂

  3. This is so crazy looking all over your photos! I ordered the Indian dish my first night, too! And my boyfriend ordered the same lobster bisque combo as you. I didn’t get pictures of my food.. do you mind if I borrow yours for tomorrow’s post and credit you? 🙂

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