Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Hello everyone!  Well, we finally made it back home after 1am last night :/ but at least we were safe and got back eventually!  Needless to say I woke up a bit groggy today and decided to take the morning off work to catch up on some sleep and get some things done…. plans are to head in after lunch. 

Sooo after finally crawling out of bed this morning, I found a super secret surprise from The Man on the computer when I logged on (he obviously knows what I do first thing haha!) — ummm sweetest thing ever 🙂

Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Cutest. Thing. Ever.

 I got some laundry going and finished planning the week’s eats – of which I decided last night during airport extravaganza that since I liked Iowa Girl’s “summer inspired dinner series” idea so much, I would do a theme week of my own in honor of September kick-off whoop whoop!  After much deliberation & QT with this guy last night (plane reads):

New issue!  Kinda beat up, he spent a lotta time w/ me yesterday ha, kinda how I felt at 1am gettin' home!

New issue! Kinda beat up, he spent a lotta time w/ me yesterday ha, kinda how I felt at 1am gettin' home!

 …I decided that this September kick-off week would feature recipes from this issue + deelish blog friend recipes that have been in the queue to try!!!!!  That equation gots to = good shizzzz right?!??!  So I set off to the store to pick up some things, actually a lot of things, we did a good job of eating everything in the house before we left!!  Here’s the stocked goods (superfab!)

Whoop whoop - full pantry!!

Whoop whoop - full pantry!!

 You want a close up you say?!?!

Sweet loot... magnified!

Sweet loot... magnified!

Success! 😉  And thanks to Jenna for hookin’ up the dark chocolate PB find – which I found and am so pumped to try!!!


FYI during the week I like to plan the meals according to “involvement levels” of each recipe – on nights that I know I have a workout scheduled I plan on making “easier, less involved” meals and on days off from exercise I like to delve into the more complex/involved adventures.  That’s just what works for me!  So here is this week’s eats in a nutshell – I will obviously be posting pics and details each night for each one of these suckers! 🙂



Chicken w/ tomatoes & olives (Cooking Light)

Parmesan couscous



Bacon wrapped shrimp

Chipotle twice grilled potatoes ala Rachel @ Coconut & Lime!



Corn cakes w/ black beans ala Erica @ Itzy’s Kitcheninspired by NoMeatAthlete!

Salsa shrimpies w/ green peppers & onions


Friday – maybe with the parentals – Mom let me know ha 🙂

Dijon chicken breasts ala Kristin @ SimplySavor

Barley risotto w/ eggplant & tomatoes (Cooking Light)


So that’s that folks!  I can’t wait to try each & every one of these dishes – superyum!  Gotta chow this quick lunch and head to the office, have a great Tuesday 🙂


Lunchie - gotta get to work now!!!

Lunchie - gotta get to work now!!!




11 responses to “Cutest. Thing. Ever.

  1. Oooo very cool! Theme weeks are the best! 😀

  2. aww the surprise on your computer is adorable! your meals planned for this week all sounds great–you’ll have to let me know how you like the tarragon chicken with creamy dijon! have a wonderful day 🙂

  3. I need to meal plan more often!
    Your vacation looked like so much fun!

    • I am such a meal planning nerd, I love when I get to do it each week (nerd alert!), however I try to keep it to 4 days plan max so that I don’t get overwhelmed!! Vacation was awesome, glad you read the posts! 🙂 However I still feel like I am on the boat?? Must be getting that rocking sensation post-cruise, so weird?!

  4. OMG that dark chocolate PB is aaaaamazing! 🙂

  5. littlemissminny

    I made the same surprise for my boyfriend!
    well, almost the same, I wrote some other things 🙂
    I took him a month or so to find the message, he uses linux, and windows every now and then when he needs it. It was fun waiting 🙂

  6. Yum; that dish looks divine! Great recipe!

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