Another day in paradise… *sigh*

Yea right, more like another day in my cubicle at work :/  But a girl can dream, right….?  So today started off with me waking up energetically hitting snooze twice bc I was up late last night being addicted to the computer (shocker). However we slept with the windows open in the ol’ bedroom since the weather was nice & cool and it felt A-MAY-ZING!!  So I was cool with it all in all peeps.  These days of a cool break have really started to grow on me, I’m a-likin’ it!  Highs are only 80 degrees all week, talk about perfection. 

So I made some breakfast with the crack dark chocolate PB (another shocker) and the jar is in fact now like 1/4 of the way gone (I think The Man had a lil’ PB eatin’ adventure last night if you know what I’m sayin… 😉 love you boo)

Oat-crack-meal & iced cuppa joe

Oat-crack-meal & iced cuppa joe

Lucy Dog was ready for her breakfast too, however I had to tell  her that dogs don’t get oats for brekkie and that she would have to settle for Rachel Ray’s Nutrish for dogs (yea my dog’s a balla). 

Excuse me, can you feed me lady?

Excuse me, can you feed me lady?

She rightfully obliged and inhaled ate the dog munchins and then of course immediately wanted to go outside and chase squirrels/birds/bugs/anything that moves — so she politely laid down on the mat next to the back door until I granted her wish.  How polite Lucy, we are glad you have some manners 😉

After hangin w/ the Lu I set off to work for a fun-filled morning of meetings and the such (wooo freakin’ hoooo) – went by fast though and now it’s lunch time!  Which means leftovers from last night = Steph super happy! 

Reheat test = passed.  Just as good on round 2!

Reheat test = passed. Just as good on round 2!

I also found this random chocolate bar that threatened bad things upon me if I did not eat it with my lunch.

Me so scared.

Me so scared.

I mean, I wouldn’t want to put myself in any kind of danger…?  Especially since I am our floor’s

I'll save you?!

I'll save you?!

for the ladies bathroom.  Gotta love the workplace? 😉  Alright bloggin’ fanatics, I’m outta here to get some more work done before calling it a day.  Tonight we are in major need of a house clean up (post-trip disaster!) and the such. 

Don’t forget that I will also be making bacon wrapped shrimp and chipotle stuffed potatoes ala Coconut & Lime (w/ a twist obvi) for din… hope to see ya tonight and enjoy your humpdays!!! 🙂


16 responses to “Another day in paradise… *sigh*

  1. mmm love leftovers, yours look delicious!
    HA my boo has been sneaking into the Dark Chocolate PB jar too!

  2. That dark chocolate peanut butter sounds amazing- I have to look for it.
    Lucy is so cute!

    • Thanks! She is such a sweetie but can be such a princess (she thinks she’s the boss mmm hmmm!) – I love her to pieces though 🙂 Find the PB, find it fast girl!

  3. foodieinthecity

    Haha, I love that the dark chocolate pb jar is now 1/4 gone 🙂 I am glad you are liking it, but yes, it IS addicting.

    I may or may not have had some last night… thehe

  4. ahhh iced coffee=crack! i havent found a good place at school yet, but im still on the lookout! i can’t afford to pay for my sbucks addiction as well as my problem with fro – yo and sushi which has got to stop hahah

    • I know, I really like just making it at home & having SBucks as a treat — so does my wallet 😉 How was sushi the other night? Did you get the yummy cilantro one?!

      • i got the SUPERveggie which had brocc, asparagus, red pepper, avacado, and some other sprouts with a HUGE chunk of wasabi…also bought wasabi for my room for when i order sushi hahahah slight obsession?

  5. yum food always tastes better as leftovers! your pup is adorable–you sure he’s not the one eating the dark chocolate PB? 😉

  6. I recognize that Lucy Dog “look” She does show her good manners when she sits down before anyone opens the door to let her out.
    Wish she was like that on walks!

  7. The old man

    How were you able to escape the jellyfish?

  8. Aww your little lady looks just like my pup! What breed(s) is she?

    • The SPCA told me she is a black lab & Irish setter mix — however I am convinced she has some greyhound in her bc her back end is skinnn-yyyyy!! U are so right, our dogs could be sistas!!! Like your blog btw 🙂

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