Shrimpie dilemma….huh??

Hello blog world!  Happy to see everyone on this fab Thursday afternoon 🙂  After some much needed rest last night I am feeling a million times better today, whoop whoop!  Woke up right when the alarm went off and got movin’ – windows left open again last night kids and boy was it nice!  (Temps are due to creep back into the upper 80’s for the weekend though, just in time fo’ POOL TIME!!!) 

Had my usual oat concoction, however decided that with all this bloggie breakfast cookie talk everywhere that tomorrow I will be trying the one, the only…… BREAKFAST COOKIE….  a’la Fitnessista which was featured in Glamour’s Health & Fitness blog (can we get a whoop whoop for Gina folks?!?!)  I’m pretty pumped about it honestly, bc that’s how I roll.

Oh, what’s that you say, I have forgotten what?  Forgotten to tell you about last night’s dessert?  Huh? Dessert eating amnesia here bloggies… 😉  Just playin’ – here’s the “scoop” (no pun intended mwuhahaha).

The stuff that dreams are made of....

The stuff that dreams are made of....

1 part Best IceCream Ever (The Man brought this home for us, holy moly kids it is like the best vanilla ever and I don’t know why/how bc it’s Kroger brand?!)  +  1 part Dark Chocolate PB  =  easiest, awesome-ist (roll with it), most delicious-i-fied dessert!!!  Just like reese’s pb cup ice cream o’ love.  I will be eating this again.  And again.  And then again some more.

Love these cute lil' bowls, keepin' my portions in check and all ;)

Love these cute lil' bowls, keepin' my portions in check and all 😉

So now it’s lunch time, and I am currently eating yet more dark chocolate pb (I’m so embarassed… this habit has got to get kicked) in the form of a pb/nanner/arnold thin sammie (The Man also requested this for his lunchie!) , half a leftover stuffed potato from last night, and a small salad from the Caf at work — p.s. our work Caf salad bar is the shiz, they even had roasted beets today!!

Spring mix, maters, corn, beets, peas, feta, onion, mushrooms - hook it up work salad bar!!

Spring mix, maters, corn, beets, peas, feta, onion, mushrooms - hook it up work salad bar!!

After work I plan on heading straight to my favorite exercise class EVER EVER EVER — kickboxing!  I love the workout you get from this class, along with the variety of exercises incorporated throughout…. never get bored with this one guys and burns mega cals.  Our local Y has awesome instructors too, even better!  After class I am headed home to make night 3 dinner of theme week, featuring:

  • Corn Cakes w/ Black Beans – inspired by Erica!   (look for my fanatic special bean recipe w/ this one though – it is one of the first concoctions I ever made and I love it!)
  • Shrimpies w/ Green Peppers & Onions – k so I’m still deciding on what to use for the base/sauce , either (1) Goya salsa, (2) Rotel tomatoes w/ cilantro & lime or (3) Goya Sofrito… ahhh so many decisions?!)  And suggestions bloggertons??

By the way, just curious if anyone has ever tried cooking with Goya’s Sofrito?? It is the most delicious blend of tomato, onion, green peppers, cilantro and garlic – I love to use it & it’s so versatile, I even put in eggs!  I highly recommend it as a great way to expand your kitchen repertoire!


Jar o' lurveee

Jar o' lurveee

Alrighty, well back to the grind I must go, lunch is officially OVA!  See you guys tonight after I kick some serious a$$ at kickboxing (watch out now) for a meal recap & the such 🙂  TGIAF (thank God it’s almost Friday!!!)


One response to “Shrimpie dilemma….huh??

  1. foodieinthecity

    My heart is melting with happiness… you make me so proud with the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter!!! 🙂 🙂

    I can’t WAIT until you try the breakfast cookie. Mine was out of this world this morning. Mike LOVED his. He texted me right away and was raving about it. Total winner.

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