Twas a fiesta success!!!

 Hello guys!!  Well, I am back from kicka$$boxing & it was great!  My instructor incorporated some cool karate moves into our routine & it was definitely intense… the concept was building blocks –  starting with a basic move and expanding it till the body was worked thoroughly.  I loved it 🙂

On a side note:  upon arriving home after class I discovered that The Man had put away the laundry, cleaned up the living room, let the dog out & put away the dishes… I mean is this guy for real?! 😉  Lucky lady o’ love over here say what!

So I got to cookin’ din – Mexican fiesta style ole!  Quickie reminder of the plan o’ action:

  • Corn Cakes w/ Black Beans – inspired by Erica!  
  • Shrimpies w/ Green Peppers & Onions
  • Let's get this party started!!

    Let's get this party started!!

    I followed NoMeatAthlete’s recipe for the corn cakes however made the beans fanatic style.  Folks, this is probably the easiest yet most delicious bean recipe that I have ever had/made/eaten – 1 can goya black beans + 1 can Italian diced tomatoes  (basil, garlic, oregano – these add awesome flava).  Simmer over medium heat til liquid evaporates and beans are thick (bout 45 minutes, be patient!) – I also have added chopped jalapeno, hot sauce, etc. to the mix for a kick – tonight I added some of the leftover chilis in adobo (from last night’s din) – WARNING TO SPICY FOOD NON-LOVERS:  THESE THINGS ARE HOT – JUST 1 OF THEM!  OMIT IF YOU DON’T WANT THE HEAT!!  Saucy, spicy & holy yum!!!

    We all know the rhyme....

    We all know the rhyme....

    Then I got started on the shrimp…. with The Man’s help I decided to use the Rotel diced tomatoes w/ cilantro & lime (ummm these appeared in our cabinet after a certain someone’s mother stayed here with Lucy Dog this past weekend…. shout out ma bc I have never used these and they were the shizzzzz!).  Sauteed some onion & green pepper, added the sauce & the shrimp and cooked til done.

    Holy frijole, this was heaven on a plate!

    Holy frijole, this was heaven on a plate!

    Here’s the final product courtesy of our gingham tablecloth:

    So fresh & so clean, this is one sweet table spread

    So fresh & so clean, this is one sweet table spread

    Plated it up it looked a lil’ sumthin like this

    Kick it up a notch!

    Kick it up a notch!

    Ummm yea, so this dinner was phenomenal… each and every of the 3 theme nights this week have turned out so ridiculously yummy!!!!  All I can say is thanks Cooking Light and bloggie friends for all the wonderful ideas – this week’s menu revolved around you!

    Lucy Dog was even pulling out the bigtime tricks for a bite of this action….

    I'll do aaannnyyything people owners, hook a doggy up?!?!

    I'll do aaannnyyything people owners, hook a doggy up?!?!

    Fiesta success, ole!!!!!

    Alright blog peeps, I’m off to make the infamous breakfast cookie for tomorrow’s breakfast action and also yet another Dark Chocolate PB & banana sammie per request from The Man (he needs his breakfasttttt as I was informed!) – Jenna I know you are proud 🙂  Night folks, see everyone for Friday fun day!! 🙂


    14 responses to “Twas a fiesta success!!!

    1. ahhhhhhhhhh! Aren’t they sooo yummy. No Meat Athlete rocks! Your whole meal looks totally incredible. This weeks entourage kicked booty- enjoy it

    2. Lucy/Jordon “holding hands/paws” made me laugh for a long time…knowing them both I can just picture seeing myself or dad in Jordon’s place. Lucy is one lucky dog.

      ps Dinner looked delish and can’t wait until our cooking adventure tomorrow

    3. oooooh i love mexican fiestas. i will have to try those corn cakes soon – looks yum.

    4. Hmmm I have a can of chillies in adobo sauce just sitting there asking to be used…this black bean mixture sounds perfect!

    5. foodieinthecity

      Awww, I am SO proud!!! It looks like you found a must have staple in your household 🙂

      I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the breakfast cookie.

      And holy moly that dinner looks delicious!

      • Bfast cookie rocked (ummm mr. dark choc pb made his way into THAT one as well :/ ) — it was such a nice change from hot oats too — I can’t wait to try different flava combos too! Happy Friday!!!

    6. Awww – what a guy!!! There is seriously nothing better than coming home and finding everything you were thinking you had to do – is DONE!

      • It really is the best… I was so happy! Guys sometimes don’t realize that things like that can make their lady happier than any dinner/flowers ever could (I am getting too old haha!!) Have a great Friday – oh and p.s. I showed The Man your terryaki chicken w/ nectarine salsa pics & he was like – that looks awesome! So I am hoping to make it next week 🙂

    7. Wow. good for you for making all of these delicious recipes all week! How long did they take you from start to finish? I never cook from recipes but would like to start to more… I guess I never know how long they will take or I get nervous I will mess them up!
      But your shrimp and beans look AMAZING!

      • Thanks for the nice words! None of these recipes were difficult/time consuming at all really. Most of them took about an hour of total hard-core kitchen time I would say? A lot of the stuff I do you can start earlier while you work out/clean/etc and have it ready and prepped in time for cooking… that is my favorite trick!

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