I love my Mom & Dad :)

Hey hey hey blog peeps!  How is everyone’s kickoff to the holiday weekend going so far?!  Hope you are all having a great Friday & enjoyin’ life to the fullest 🙂  We just had a most fantastic time with my parents who came over for dinner tonight (lil’ switch up of the plans, the beauty of living  x-7 minutes away from one’s fam!)  Nothing beats hanging out with Mom & Dad folks, not in my book at least!  But let’s hit rewind for a hot second, shall we…?

After getting off work today I decided to hit up Whole Foods for (1) wine for tonight & (2) side dish for tonight.  I, of course, did not stick to this simple 2 part list and bought numerous other things – bc bloggertons – this store is just THAT good (you know it!) 

Whole Foods, keeping foodie's from accumulating savings accounts for years now.

Whole Foods, keeping foodie's from accumulating savings accounts for years now.

 So in the mix (peeps, this isn’t even all the loot :/ ) was Chard for my Mom that I did NOT open before she arrived (shout out for watchin’ Lucy Dog while we were gone!), organic raw blue agave bc I have been dyinggggg to try this stuff, oat bran thanks to PB&Jenny’s educational (!) post, regular & chocolate soy milk thanks to a sweet offer from Whole Foods (got both these suckers for $2 total whoop whoop!), ummm embarrasingly enough yet another jar of dark chocolate pb – however to my defense I got this for my Pops (shout out for tolerating Lucy Dog “look at you weird” while you work from home!) bc he loves (a) pb and (b) dark chocolate – so obviously my instinct told me that this was a match made in heaven 😉

I also found this puppy at Kroger and was immediately interested even though last I remember I don’t really like cottage cheese (?), however figured it was worth another whirl… Any bloggy peeps out there ever had this shiz, is it any good?!

Mix o' flavas lookin' intriguing....!

Mix o' flavas lookin' intriguing....!

After getting home, organizing & straightening up the digs a bit, it was time to prep the appetizers before my main parent squeezes arrived!  Tonight I decided that we would be having fresh bread w/ hummus fancied up w/ a spritz o’ balsamic & Italian tomato/feta salad:

Aren't these napkins just too cute?!

Aren't these napkins just too cute?!

The parents arrived, obviously exhausted & famished from their 7 minutes drive (good thing I had apps! 😉 )  Servin’ time!  And duh, before me and the madre got to cookin’, I knew I needed to make a plate of goods to keep my belly happy!
square plate = square meal?

square plate = square meal?

Here’s Mom & Dad enjoyin’ their’s as well (gotta love Dad’s mid-chew action!)
Can't surprise Mom?! ;)

Can't surprise Mom?! 😉

Then Mom & daughter set off on their cooking extravaganza… what were we planning to make you ask?  Check it:
  • Baked Tarragon Chicken in Creamy Dijon Sauce ala Kristen
  • Cheesy Polenta topped w/ Sauteed Zucchini & Onions

I love cooking with my Mom blog peeps, we have like the exact same kitchen “rules” and that just rocks bc we just work so well together!   We baked the chicken according to the recipe however upped the amount of sauce a bit- saucyyyyyy 🙂  The polenta was made out of 4 parts water to 1 part corn meal (boil water, slowly stir in the meal) then ma doctored it up by adding some buttermilk, butter (2 tblsp), parmesan & salt/pepper while continuously stirring til incorporated.  For the veggie topping I sauteed a chopped onion in 1 tblsp EVOO for a few minutes, then added 4 small sliced zucchini and 1 small sliced summer squash (add water if it starts to stick) and seasoned w/ oregano/salt/pepper.  Everything was deeeeeeeeee-lish!  Here was our spread:

Time to eat!!

Time to eat!!

This meal turned out pretty darn awesome, the flava of the chicken was superb – nothing like I’ve ever had before!  The polenta/veggie mixture (serve the veg on top of the polenta) was superfab too kids, I really liked it!  Check out Dad’s plate o’  goodies:
Ooooo yeaaaaa, that's good eats!!

Ooooo yeaaaaa, that's good eats!!

Wait, wait, wait, don’t eat yet!  Gotta save the day with the most important part of the meal, right 😉
Steph saves the day!!

Steph saves the day!!

And then us fam peeps chowed down!!  Dinner was awesome, and I just love spending time with those crazy parent peeps of mine 🙂  After our face stuffing event, we did a quick clean up and then I politely forced asked Mom & Dad to try the vanilla super-icecream & dark chocolate pb combo for dessert (a real arm-twister here peeps).  Here’s Dad’s review:
I am the favorite daughter, right Dad ;)

I am the favorite daughter, right Dad 😉

All in all, it was a pretty great Friday night bloggertons – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Good food and all the peeps I love (oh wait, I know that I must have forgotten someone in that equation…?  ahhhh yes, Lucy!  haha no no no,  it’s the lil’ sis – love ya Kimba! you know I’m jk’ing anyways duh! 🙂 )
So now The Man and I are just relaxing with Lucy Dog and taking it easy… however she would NOT let me finish this post without a pic of her included (so bossy!)


Alright bloggie buddies, hope everyone enjoys the rest of their nights – tomorrow I have some yoga planned, but aside from that I’m just wingin’ it… The Man has to work so we’ll see what the day brings for this lady!  🙂 🙂

4 responses to “I love my Mom & Dad :)

  1. foodieinthecity

    Hey dear! I was cracking up when I saw that jar of peanut butter in the picture… 🙂

    Dinner looks delicious. I love my mama too, it’s so nice to be home!

  2. Dinner was excellent! We work well together. Let’s do it again soon:)

  3. Oh hey, title should be more like, i love my mom + dad + sis who we all wish was there to enjoy those delicious veggies. jk looks like another yummy dinner as usual! missing your cooking terribly…..

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