A lil’ meal plannin & shoppin’ with The Man!

 Hello everyone!! Looks like ya’ll are all enjoying your holiday weekends & time off from work 🙂  There sure has been some good eats posted as well so thanks for that, whoop whoop!

After we made it home this morning from The Man’s parents, guess who agreed to go grocery shopping with me today since he was off from work! 

He just likes the singing cows they have here haha!

He just likes the singing cows they have here haha!

I just love having his company at the store, I was a very happy girl!  And since I had done all of the week’s meal planning yesterday, we were all ready to go with list in hand!  We hit up Tom Leonards (love this place!) and Wally World (big mistake :/ )

My main man Tom always has fresh local produce for a great price, that’s why we are tight
pretty pretty goodness

pretty pretty goodness

To plan this week I had taken an inventory of what we had already at the house to work with… then I whipped out my trusty recipe binder for some ideas

Keepin' me organized!
Keepin’ me organized!

 and started flipping through.  I keep this binder with recipes that I want to try as well as those that I have tried including notes on any changes/tweaks to the recipe that I may have made (also if we loved the dish I give it a 🙂 haha) — I keep it organized by main ingredient (i.e. meatless, pasta, poultry) and I also keep top “to try” recipes in the front cover as a reminder

to try

Here’s what I came up with for us this week based on:  other bloggie recipes, binder o’ fun and this guy

This book has some good stuff peeps

This book has some good stuff peeps

– since I decided that this week we should have at least one meatless meal incorporated into the plan — always a good idea to go meatless a few days a week both for the body and for the budget!  Does anyone else try to incorporate a few meatless meals into their weekly menu?  What are your main reasons why? 

Here’s the fanatic plan!  I will of course be showcasing these each night on the blog as we make these delicious eats!!!! 🙂

Terryaki chicken w/ nectarine salsa (thanks to my homegirl from Iowa!) 
Basmati rice
Fresh broccoli
Olive-potato frittata (Veggie cookbook)
Side salad w/ roasted red peppers
Stuffed Peppers (ground turkey/tomato/soy sauce/ginger mix – so good)
Side salad tbd
Thai peanut lentil salad
After all this shopping I was hungry and fixed myself a quick turkey/prov/tomato sammie with some Garden of Eatin’ blue corn chips & Goya salsa pico de gallo 
Not seen:  Lucy Dog eating top of bread & chips from my plate while I wasn't looking grrrr MADDDD!!

Not seen: Lucy Dog eating top of bread & chips from my plate while I wasn't looking grrrr MADDDD!!

Unpictured Dove dark chocolate bliss bar may or may not have been eaten alongside this plate 😉
Well, as for the rest of the day, The Man and I are feeling a bit lazy and tired after our long day yesterday….I had hopes of some shreddin’ J.M. action today but I am getting this feeling that my body may just be telling me to take a break since I have had a pretty hectic past few days & also been staying on great track with exercising… sometimes listening to your body when it’s extremely draggin’ can be the best thing I have found.  Pushing yourself to stay motivated and on track is key, however there is always a time for rest & just as important as staying on track is learning to know when to stop.  I know that if I do rest today, I will be invigorated to tackle the rest of the week and some awesome workouts as well! 🙂
Well bloggertons, gotta go marinade the terryaki chicken in the new marinade from World Market & prepare the nectarine salsa so the flavas can blend before din.  Hope you enjoy your day off work if that’s the case and see ya tonight for a dinner recap!!! 

3 responses to “A lil’ meal plannin & shoppin’ with The Man!

  1. Wow, I love how organized you are with your recipes. Such a smart way to do it- I also love that you keep track of the ways you would want to change things for the next time. If only I could be as organized… a little envious!

    I totally agree with your philosophy about taking a rest. I try to listen to my body on days where it just doesn’t want to move. If I haven’t been to the gym in a month, I know why I feel lazy, but if I am working out every day, I always give myself a rest. Enjoy! 🙂

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