I’m so proud!

So check it, last night The Man had his own version of “breakfast-in-a-jar” and made “dessert-in-a-jar”!!!  I was soooo proud!! 🙂

Presenting Dark Chocolate PB Tin Roof Sundae ice cream

Presenting Dark Chocolate PB Tin Roof Sundae dessert in a jar!

Yea, that would be ice cream in what remains of the dark chocolate PB jar whoop whoop!  (RIP dark choc PB – til we meet again 😉 )

Anywho, brekkie this morning was my new fave OAT BRAN!  Here’s the mix:

  • 1/3 cup oat bran
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup soy milk
  • 1/2 tblsp agave
  • 1 mashed naner
  • 1 tblsp PB
MK - if you are reading, recognize the bowl??

MK - if you are reading, recognize the bowl??

Don’t forget the iced coffee w/ chocolate soy (!!) which was much needed on this rainy day in the ol’ VA (rhymer style ha) as well as the daily wheat grass — so yesterday I forgot to take this stuff and I really think it’s one of the reasons I was dragging so badly?… I’m telling you folks, this stuff is fo’ real!

Traffic to work was meh, silly rain, and I think my tire may be leaking air bc the car was shaking quite a bit on the 35mph highway :/ drive-in.  Anddddd my umbrella is broken I found out the hard way on my 5 block walk into work in the rain.  But, as someone in the elevator said to me today, it can only go uphill from here right!  I LOVE when a simple random convo can really boost your mood – such a positive moment that really will make a difference in my entire day! 🙂  Whoop whoop for awesome employees at my workplace!

Lunch included leftover nectarine salsa from last night’s dinner w/ some blue corn chips, a turkey/prov sammie and a Jocolat Chocolat Larabar (first timer right here w/ this flave – we’ll have to see what the verdict is!)

Lunch is served... on a paper towel...??

Lunch is served... on a paper towel...??

Can't wait to try this sucker!!

Can't wait to try this sucker!!

I am hoping to get a great Shred3 workout in after work today, my body is craving some exercise since it’s been since Saturday :/  Let’s just hope my tire decides to cooperate w/ this plan!!

On another note, inspired by my random elevator convo earlier today, I have decided that I am going to try to post a daily “HOORAY!” shout out to people that really make a positive difference in a day 🙂

Today’s “HOORAY!” goes tooooooooooo — duh duh duh duh —- elevator guy!!!

Alright, that’s that, see ya for a dinner recap tonight peeps  and have a most glorious day wherever you may be! (sneak peak at tonight)

  • Olive-potato frittata
  • Salad w/ roasted red peppers

And most likely trying some new red wine!!!



7 responses to “I’m so proud!

  1. I love the dessert in a jar idea- especially with Peanut Butter and Co. I think I need to try that with the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl!

    In response to your comment on my last post, I do shop at both Ellwood’s and Good Food’s- although not exclusively. I love the prepared wraps at Ellwood’s- particularly the goddess tofu, but I find that much of their stuff is overpriced. I have to admit that the bulk section is quite amazing at the Good Foods on South Side. There a particular trail mix (e berry) that I LOVE. (I’ve actually never been to the GF in the west end!) However, I do the majority of my shopping at Kroger- it’s close and has a good selection of organic produce. I also try to make my way to the west end once every 2 weeks for a Whole Food’s/Trader Joe’s shopping spree.

    What about you, where do you do your shopping?

    • I def need to try the Cinna Swirl too! I totally agree with the prices at Elwoods, I experienced the same thing when I lived in the fan and did most of my shopping at Kroger too (!!) with a few trips to TJs/WF in the west end because that’s where my parents live so I went there often. One thing I loved about Elwoods though was that you could buy an array of spices in any quantity, so if you only needed a small amount you could get it for cheap! My mom & dad used to take me to west end Good Foods before all those other “good foodie stores” ever even opened, which I think is super cool 🙂 Now that I live out in Short Pump, I do a lot of my special product shopping at TJ’s/Whole Foods, produce from Tom Leonards (love!) or Kroger and then I try to endure Walmart for basics whenever possible (this can be a daunting task out in Short Pump!) I really have been enjoying your blogsite btw and glad I found it! 🙂

  2. Your sandwich looks awesome. I love yellow mustard with turkey and cheese- such a great combo. Maybe I will have to do that tomorrow (?). Have a great afternoon!

  3. Mark Shizzle

    Fellow bloggerton here checkin out the bloggy blogg. So I’m sitting here looking at mouth watering dishes (especially the ice cream w/ the dark choco peanut butter- gotta get me some of that stat!) and then every day the oatmeal shot……barf! Why the oatmeal pic all the time??? Maybe more pics of you half dressed instead, just a little something to think about for your next blog. 🙂

    • Oatmeal is GOOOOOOOOOOD – never said it was pretty – but it is deelish & healthy if made right 🙂 Btw the dark choc PB ice cream was insanely awesome! Glad you came by to visit!

  4. Dessert in a jar- what a great idea! I’m glad that elevator guy had such a positive impact on your day 🙂 Its always great to run into people like that!

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