Sunny side up!

Hey hey hey bloggies!! How’s everyone doing?!  So today I woke up (albeit 40 minutes AFTER my alarm went off oops!) to some beautiful sunshine… the rain is gone and life is good!  Oh yea, and the week is halfway over already, lovin’ it 🙂

Had my usual oat bran/PB/banana brekkie, but was in a major rush due to the 40 min oversleep so no pics today kids — however just picture yesterdays, bc it looked the same except I ate it while blow drying my hair (“she’s a multi-tasker” ) — sang like the Bud Light Real Men of Genius ads haha

Today I  have decided that my daily HOORAY!” goes to (drum roll please)  The Man!  He knew I overslept and made my morning so much easier by (1) taking care of Lucy Dog (2) vaccuming the kitchen and (3) packing my lunchbox for me and leaving this sweet lil’ sumthin

Sorry honey, just had to show the blog world your awesomeness!! :)

Sorry honey, just had to show the blog world your awesomeness!! 🙂

I am spoiled. Rotten. 😉  Shout out babe for making my day start off fannnnnn-tastically!

This morning at work was superbusy, we have a big presentation this afternoon so I spent some time preparing for that.  Good thing I am wearing my new Banana Republic shirt,  hoping this guy really works some magic for me 😉  Looks like there are a few meetings on the agenda this afternoon too, so should go by fast 🙂

Here’s a quick lunch peak


  • Turkey/prov sammie (hmmm look familiar?)
  • Blue cheese salad leftover from last night’ dinner
  • Pistachio Larabar (first time trying this flava too… must say that I didn’t lurveeee the jocolat chocolate yesterday :/)
  • 2 pieces of Dove heaven in a wrapper bliss bar (one may or may not have made it into the pic…)

Verdict?  Lovin’ the pistachio Larabar peeps, check out the major green chunks of goodness in there!! 🙂

Meet my friend. Pistachio.

Meet my friend. Pistachio.

So I think I gots my lunch veggies in as part of Jenna’s renew the freshness inspired plan — and we plan on getting more of them in tonight with this dinner (be back lata for a recap after work and a yogasculpt sesh!)

  • Stuffed green peppers (turkey/tomato/ginger/soy sauce  to name a few – love the flava combo in these guys)
  • Salad (round 2!)

Have a wonderful humpday bloggertons!!!!!! 🙂 🙂


10 responses to “Sunny side up!

  1. wow girl you are spoiled rotten (in the best way possible!)–you’ve got yourself a great guy! good luck with your presentation today–im sure the b.republic shirt will do wonders! have a great day 🙂

  2. how sweet! i love the note 🙂

    i have NOT found the pistachio bar yet!

    your dinner sounds great, too. and yes, I love Banana, but we don’t have one here! I have to dream from afar.

    • Banana republic always gets me and the credit card in trouble haha :/ I got the bar at Whole Foods I think, check there if you have one? If not maybe I’ll have to send ya some, they are awesome! Thanks for stoppin’ by 🙂

  3. That note is too cute! I used to love getting notes in my lunchbox as a kid 🙂

    Ick I hate oversleeping! It throws my whole day off…hope your presentation still went well!

    • It seriously made my day, such a great surprise! 🙂 I know, oversleeping makes me wake up all panic-ky haha — but the presentation went well even though (phew!) I’m attributing it to the new shirt from b.rep, but who’s to say 😉

  4. foodieinthecity

    Awww, what a cutie!!!! And he loves the Dark Chocolate Dreams? What a man!

    STUFFED PEPPERS!?!? That is one of my favorite meals of allll times. Nummy! Enjoy your din-din!

  5. What a great guy! I had to comment about your “real men of genius” reference because it totally cracked me up. My boyfriend and I love to make up lyrics for that song too 🙂

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