What a hectic Thursday so far, phew am I glad tomorrow is Friday!!!  Had to go to another work location for a meeting this morning bright and early and have been in meetings ever since – first time to my computer for more than 5 minutes all day.  For real. 

Well needless to say, today is FLYINGGGG by – which is awesomely awesome – bc that means I am even closer to the weekend 🙂

I am sitting down to a quick lunch as we speak – leftover salad from last night’s dinner & a turkey sammie from the ol’ Caf here at work (homegirl forgot my tomato!) – we ate all the turkey at home gahhh!!!

Wahhh wahhhh

Wahhh wahhhh

Still good however!

Still good however!

Next on the work agenda is a 2 hour meeting… however we are getting SMOOTHIES from Smoothie King brought in for our meeting so I must say that is some fantastic news (who knew being a CPA could be this much fun 😉 )  Whoop whoop for work meeting smoothie day!!!!

Tonight’s agenda includes folding some laundry finallyyyyy (errrr Kristin, I may be winning with the laundry folding procrastination… I am horrible, which is so weird bc I am a complete neat freak otherwise!) and making this:

  • Thai peanut lentil salad

I am so excited about this recipe ya’ll, I really have high hopes for this and I hope Better Homes & Gardens doesn’t disappoint! 🙂  The Man will probable be getting some terryaki chicken on the side instead of all the lentils, not sure what his status is on lentil loving quite yet 😉 

Alrighty, gotta get back to the grind… can’t wait to chill out tonight and relax!  See ya tonight fellow bloggertons….signing off for now with my homedog Lucy (wish she was at work with me haha!)

au revoir!!

au revoir!!


So wanna know who the daily “HOORAY!” goes to today kiddo’s???  Our admin at work – for ordering us smoothies for our 2 hour meeting this afternoon… really, my day just got 10 times better.  Thanks best admin ever!!! 🙂 🙂


16 responses to “TGIAF

  1. foodieinthecity

    I have a turkey sammie too. Not horrible, but I need to go to the grocery store PRONTO!

    My day is flyin’ by too, I love those days!

    Later chica 🙂

    • Is it sad that I get excited about going to the grocery store? I really think it ranks up there in my fun things to do list — but seriously though, it does 🙂 I always forget that a 220lb man eats wayyy more turkey than just I alone, gotta plan better on that one haha. Glad your day is flyin by too – almostttt the weekend!!!

  2. meetings with snacks are always better than without, especially if they’re good ones!

    i can’t wait to see this dinner recipe!!! it sounds amazing.

  3. I totally have one of those waterfalls at work!!!Can you say “HHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMM”… By the way, I LOVE THE DISHES YOU USE!!! I’m totally looking for some with an agave worm. LOVE TEQULIA, especially bammed up in fish tacos!

    • Aren’t they the best — who knew that $10 could be spent so well haha! If you are talking about the square cream colored plates, I got those at Target… 🙂

  4. i am currently eating an 8 dollar pre-made salad. i think it weighs like 5 lbs hahahha

    so pumped for you to come here next weekend! i found myself a ticket for the game this weekend so i’m thinking next weekend we won’t have too much trouble 🙂

    love you sis!

  5. That’s so awesome you are getting smoothies for your meeting!

  6. I think smoothies should be mandatory at all meetings. That way when people are aggravating you you can slurp really quickly and hopefully get a brain freeze!

  7. Hooray for work meetings that include Smoothie King- I think I’m come work with you!! 🙂

    I hope the Thai peanut lentil salad turns out lovely. I was going to email this to you, but if you want the recipe for the lentil chimichangas just email me. I didn’t want to post it on my blog because the recipe is published in a cookbook, but I don’t mind sharing with a friend.

  8. Your peanut sauce sounds amazing! I’ve made a similar one to use for cold sesame noodles…mmmm


    • Oh yum, that sounds fanastic on some noodles (and maybe some veggies mixed in) — great idea bc I would totally love to make this dressing again!! Thanks Sarah 🙂

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