Loco fo’ P.B. and doggie daycare Friday!

So this TOTALLY happened last night after reading Jenna’s superfab post on the cookie dough peanut butter she had earlier in the day (p.s. Jenna you ROCK!)

Me to The Man:  “So, do you think it would be unreasonable to spend $20 to have this most delicious sounding specialty peanut butter delivered to our house?”

The Man to Me:  “I’ve seen a lot worse….”

SOLD!!!  hahaha (P.S. My boyfriend is the best 🙂 ) 

So there ya go homies, I ordered me us some of the following from

P.B.Loco!!!   (click me to see the goods!)

  • Peanut Butter w/ Caramel Apple AND
  • Peanut Butter w/ Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

CAN I GET A WHOOP WHOOP?!  Ya’ll, I am so super-pumped about this purchase, best $20 ever spent (they are only $6 a pop  and totally reasonable bloggies – just shippin’ em to VA musta been what got me!) Can’t wait til they are delivered to my very doorstep – you’ll be the first to know how it goes! 🙂

Dreamin' of the dayyyyyy (there's that real men of genius voice again haha)

Dreamin' of the dayyyyyy


So tonight is date night for this duo – and I think we are planning on going to Pizza Fusion (nothin’ uber-fancy tonight folks, Friday funday means relaxin’!)  I’ve been wanting to try this place for a while now, especially after readin the review on Christie’s post 🙂 

Check it bloggertons, this place uses only the freshest, all-natural organic ingredients… Their sauce is 100% organic(&vegan) and they even have multi-grain or gluten-free crust options too 🙂  I smell a winner!

However *sigh* must get through the rest of the workday before that fun can happen….

So while I was getting ready for work this morning I was thinking about Caitlin’s recent post regarding trying new hairstyles and thought I’d share one of my faves with you guys – since I was feelin the laziness today and not wanting to blow-dry the ‘do!

Prairie girl style

Prairie girl style

This is soooo easy, just start at the crown of head and twist up a section of hair on each side, incorporating additional pieces in as you work your way down.  Secure with bobby pins and hold together in back with a ponytail holder.  If your hair is longer (like mine used to be until a few months ago!) then you probably won’t even need the bobby pins 🙂

This leads me to today’s daily “HOORAY!” which goes to….duh duh duh duh…..DOGGIE DAYCARE!  Okay guys, I know this isn’t a person, however this place is awesome and Lucy Dog LOVES going here.  Basically I drop her off in the a.m. and she plays outside with dog friends all day long and when she gets home is pooped out tired and soooo happy! 🙂

Get this, they even have a DOGGIE SCHOOL BUS that can take your dog directly to daycare (meets at the mall down the street) so you don’t have to!!!  Dogs on a school bus, is that not the FUNNIEST MENTAL IMAGE EVER?!?! 

Is this fo' real peeps?!

Is this fo' real peeps?!

They said that peeps on the highway actually stop to take pix – freaking awesome!  I’m thinkin I Lucy Dog needs to experience this whole doggie daycare bus-nasssss soon!

Lunch recap you say?  Alrighty bloggies, here goes it – leftover Thai peanut lenti salad!! 

Mmmm soaked up the pb goodness overnight!

Mmmm soaked up the pb goodness overnight!

P.S. Thanks soooooo much for all your great ideas with how to use up the 1800 lbs of lentils I have left over!!!  Ya’ll rock and I definitely some some great meal ideas 😉  Gonna have to wait a few days to see the kitchen magic however 😉 ?!?!?


I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday, but before I go I want to leave you with this and hope that each of you will take a moment today to remember all the innocent lives that were lost this very day, 8 years ago:

To honor the lives that were taken in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania on that horrible day, and the truly indomitable spirit of America we have seen in the days since 9/11/01.

This site also touched my heart, it shows each and every person who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks and the site will remain down until 1 minute has passed for each and every person lost. 

I hope we all go through today thankful for everything we have and all those loved ones we cherish 🙂



16 responses to “Loco fo’ P.B. and doggie daycare Friday!

  1. How do they get those dogs to sit still?????

  2. no jungle banana? =( hahaha those dogs are so funny

    • The jungle banana was lookin’ pretty tasty, however I eat PB/bananas together in my a.m. oats all the time so thought I’d branch out! 🙂 I’ve got to go check out the doggie daycare bus… I can only imagine what kinda chaotic that scenario is haha?! These must be very trained dogs in this pic 😉

  3. I WANT TO BE ON THAT BUS…with all those cute labs and goldens??? Who could resist!

    Love the hairstyle. I’ve tried doing the more boho look with a side braid and it never came out right…that looks much easier!

  4. foodieinthecity

    I’m going to give your PB Loco order a big HELL YES!!! 🙂

  5. Oh your salad looks great!

  6. Hmm $20 peanut butter, huh? Better be good!

  7. I haven’t tried PB Loco, but the flavors sound delish. Can’t wait to hear what you think of them.

    I love you prairie girl hairstyle. I might have to try that one out.

  8. omg pb loco is bad news for me. when mom and i went to williamsburg i got the white choco raspbery and also the chocolate/pb one and i killed both jars in way too short of a time…..

    went to anne taylor loft today and got the cutest dress! wearing it with cowboy boots tonight 🙂 im obsessed.

    one week until your here! can’t wait to cause trouble in bburg with ya! our first home game is tomorrow too and im sure it will be pure shennanigans

    • I can’t wait for the PB to get here, maybe I’ll bring some down there for a “tasting” ha when we visit next weekend (we are SO excited btw!) love The Loft – didn’t know bburg had one? – go girl! Have a superfab friday and I love you tons! p.s. Pizza Fusion next to TJs is AMAZING! P.S.S. Did you know they make coconut m&ms OMG?!?! My friend had them on her site – I MUST FIND THESE ASAP!!

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