92 cent Larabars?!?!

Hey bloggertons!  What has everyone been up to today – better have been fun!!

So after my farmer’s market fiesta this morning I ventured over to the gym to do a traditional elliptical interval workout — I rarely do this type of workout (I get bored easily, I like choreographed routines like kickboxing and the such) but I was craving it today!

Hill setting – level 11

  • 10 minutes forward
  • 5 minutes backward (this really works your arms?)
  • 2 to 1 intervals (2 min all out, 1 min recooperation) for 9 minutes
  • 6 minutes backward

I also hit up the ol’ abdominals on the exercise ball and did some trusty J.M. ab moves.  It was an awesome workout, felt great!  You know what I love about the elliptical, it also works your core – double time whoop whoop!

Then it was lunchtime – which consisted of a salad from Ukrops (local Richmond grocery store!)

Veggies, curry cous cous salad, tomato/mozz, garbanzos, chicken yum!

Veggies, curry cous cous salad, tomato/mozz, garbanzos, chicken yum!

And a leftover slice of The Man’s bbq chicken pizza from last night – he forgot to bring his leftovers to work for lunch and this type of stuff is never safe with me haha – sorry honey!
So good even second time around!

So good even second time around!

Also had some dark chocolate too 😉
Then it was grocery shopping time!  Had to plan some easy/fast meals due to a training I will be in and some longer hours this week
Sneak peak: 
  • Lentil Veggie Chimichangas (thanks to my homegirl Brittany at EatingBirdFood for hookin’ that one up – you rock!)
  • Pork chops fresh from the farmer’s market
  • Squash, Pear & Onion au gratin
  • Snobby Janes (shout out Erica at ItzysKitchen for that idea!)
  • Maple Acorn Squash

After shoppin’ it up w/ my eco-friendly reusable grocery bags (whoop whoop for these guys!), Lucy Dog and I went for a surprise visit to see “grandma and grandpa” — aka my parents!  I brought them some muffins and mom was literally in the process of making some tabouli to bring over to me… we are SO mother & daughter 🙂  I’m hopin to get ahold of some-a that tomorrow! (I know you’re reading mom 😉 ) 

She also happened to have some of that whipped organic local honey I mentioned earlier – more to come on that later….. 😉

After our visit I decided to head over to Whole Foods and found a coupon booklet in the basket I picked up to use…. it must be their monthly flyer or something but there was a coupon for 75 cents off any two Larabars (priced at $1.29) so I ended up getting them for 92 cents each?!?!?!?!  Guess who my “HOORAY!” goes to today?! 😉

When I got home from all this shopping I was starvin’ Marvin so I chowed down on somma this


Local whipped organic honey w/ local fresh picked apples!

Local whipped organic honey w/ local fresh picked apples!



Mom hooked it up w/ lettin me take home some of her whipped honey 😉  Thanks Mom – you are the best!

So now this is happening

Remember that "Foodies" Chardonnay?!

Remember that "Foodies" Chardonnay?!


While The Man watches some football and plays some video games – I’m going to go attempt making LENTIL VEGGIE CHIMICHANGAS!!! 

Once again, mucho thanks to homegirl Brittany for this!! Check out her adventure in making these as well peeps 🙂

I’ll see all you bloggertons later tonight for a dinner recap!


2 responses to “92 cent Larabars?!?!

  1. Cheap Larabars would definitely make a trip to Whole Food’s worth while! I try to make it out to WF/TJ once every two weeks. I live in the fan so it’s a little bit of a drive, but at least Richmond has those stores. Otherwise I would need to move. haha. I’m only kind of teasing. =)

    Thanks so much for the shout out lady- I hope you enjoy the chimis.

    • Prob the first time WF has been cheaper than anywhere haha right?! I was the same way when I lived in the Fan, TJ/WF was a venture out to suburbia and only happened every couple weeks. How long have you been in the Fan? If you want any restaurant info for places I’ve been I’d be happy to share! Chimis were fab btw 🙂

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