Feelin’ the chimi love!

Hey hey hey bloggies!  Saturday night 😉 oh yeaaaaaaaa. 

Pretty low key night/weekend for The Man and I.  We have a big VA Tech weekend planned for next week so we’re savin up our energy (bc that’s what old people do?)  We are just hangin out at the casa together and enjoyin’ every minute of it actually – sometimes that is just the best!

For din tonight I made the lovely Eat, Drink and Be Vegan’s version of the chimichanga – thanks to my homegirl Brittany (multiple shout out kinda day!)

These turned out FABULOUS!!! 

First I made the Hide the lentils tomato sauce


Paula Dean dutch oven - love this thing!

Paula Dean dutch oven - love this thing!

Then assembled the chimichangas – adding some cheese for good measure! 

Lookin' ready for some eatin!

Lookin' ready for some eatin!

Then I dressed ‘er up with some sour cream & Frank’s hot sauce ohhh yeaaaaa!!

So healthy.  So good!

So healthy. So good!

This dinner was perfect…. extremely delicious and very healthy too!  I would definitely make this one again!!!  (and I have some leftover lentils/veggies so I think tomorrow is goin’ to be some leftover lurveeee) 😉

Now this is happening…


Death?  Really?

Death? Really? This is some serious icecream haha

And my wine is “slowly” depleting 😉  Have a great night peeps and see ya tomorrow – we have a football party to go to early in the afternoon and then The Man has his first flag football game and then it’s the True Blood season finale (we are obsessed haha)! 

Andddd my mom made me some of this

Oh this looks yummmm!

Oh this looks yummmm!

that I’m hopin to get my hands on 😉

I also have a super yummy din planned for tomorrow night using some of the farmer’s market goods  — stay tuned bloggertons!


4 responses to “Feelin’ the chimi love!

  1. mmmm…chocolate ice cream! now that I see that I am tempted to go get some even though I just ate my own fro yo sundae. I am intrigued by your hide the lentils tomato sauce. do you have a recipe?

  2. Great job with all the eats- those lentils look freaking awesome. We’re having a low key night too- I need it after my crazy exercise-a-thon today 😉

    • I am sure you do – you’ve gotta be sooo tired from all that!!! We are “lentil’in” it up this week for sure haha 🙂 Have a great night and enjoy your relaxin’ time! I think we are about to watch Duplicity!

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