Raw Organic Whipped Honey!

Good morning bloggie friends!  It is a gorgeous day here in the RIC – I’m talking woke up to 60 degrees and sunny and the temp is risin’ up to bout 80 or so…. heck yea! 

This morning adventures started with a trip to the West End Farmer’s Market (!!)

Things were hopping here this morning – everyone was ready for the new fall fruits/veggies I think 🙂

Probably some of the last of the summer veggies!

Probably some of the last of the summer veggies!


Red, green & ?white? peppers

Red, green & ?white? peppers

Peach stand - picked yesterday! And some fresh apples too!

Peach stand - picked yesterday! And some fresh apples too!

Deelish baked goods

Deelish baked goods

I met the "bee keeper" ;)

I met the "bee keeper" 😉

Natural chicken & dairy

Natural chicken & dairy

So I tried this raw organic whipped local honey (served by the “bee keeper” himself 😉 ) and it was SOOOO GOOD!  Has anyone ever had this before?  He said it was whipped for something like 8 hours and it becomes this delicious creamy delicious spreadable honey.  If you haven’t tried it before, I highly recommend doing so! 🙂 
Here’s what I came home with
  • 2 acorn squashies
  • 1 yellow bell pepper
  • 3 tomatoes
  • 3 freshly picked peaches
  • 3 gala apples
  • raw organic local honey
  • chemical free, fresh pork chops (gotta make The Man happy 😉 )
Freshness quote = MET!

Freshness quote = MET!

I heart the bee keeper - guys, he was like 70 yrs old

I heart the bee keeper - guys, he was like 70 yrs old

So it was a pretty successful morning if I must say so myself! 

I’m off to do some exercisin’ – thinking it’s going to be a gym kinda day – I need a break from exercise video routines!  Then I gotta do some meal planning and some grocery shopping before The Man gets home from work. 



7 responses to “Raw Organic Whipped Honey!

  1. I love the Farmer’s Market!! Yours looks like it has such a fresh selection.

    Whipped honey? Sounds amazing 🙂

    • It really is nice, and it’s like 5 minutes down the road! The whipped honey is AMAZING… I didn’t buy it today but found out my mom had gotten some a few weeks back actually – so naturally I took a “to-go” container from her house this afternoon after a visit! Gotta love moms 🙂

  2. foodieinthecity

    Whipped honey!?!? You may not have PB Loco, but I highly doubt we have whipped honey! I am so jealous!

    The produce looks beautiful. I can’t wait to get some, I am going through withdrawl…

    Have a wonderful day chica!


    • I had NEVER heard of this so-called whipped honey, but the 70 year old “bee keeper” was very excited to tell me all about it haha — I think he thought I was with the newspaper or something since I was taking pictures? They had a great selection today – I actually just sliced up an apple and dipped it in some whipped honey (my mom happened to have some of this at her house even though I didn’t buy it myself – mom’s always come through!) 🙂 PBLoco still on the mind however…!

  3. The West End Farmer’s Market looks great. I’ve actually never been before!

    I’ve also never heard of whipped honey but it sounds amazing. I bet my boyfriend would LOVE it!

    Wasn’t the weather awesome today??

  4. you never had moms honey! i like dipping in kashi crackers…kinda weird but tastes SO GOOD!

    • she told me you got a hold of that! 😉 hadn’t had it yet, but I almost put it on an arnold thin so def not weird with the kashi crackers at all! made some lentil chimichangas tonight you would have loved … hope you had fun at the game 🙂

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