Can’t “hide the lentils” from this gal!

Hola bloggies!  Hope everyone is enjoyin’ the end to their weekend (that sounds so depressing sorry haha?!) – today has been a great day so far around these parts! 🙂

After an awesome yoga sesh w/ Maura (YogaSculpt rocks) – which really got my blood pumpin this morning might I add – I fixed up some lunch usin’ the leftover lentils from chimi night.  P.S. what can’t these lentils do, so freakin’ versatile!

I used Erica’s idea and made a Snobby Jane!!!  Arnold thin + hide the lentils tomato sauce + sharp cheddar + Frank’s hot sauce + broiler = HOLY YUM!!

Plus some leftover veggies!

Plus some leftover veggies!

Then we headed off to the football watchin’ fiesta – which had it’s own delicious spread of food!! (homemade chili w/ fixins, fruit, veggies, cookies, brownies, crackers & cheese + dip!)
Impressed w/ the fresh selection here!!

Impressed w/ the fresh selection here!!

Famous homemade chili!

Famous homemade chili!

I had one of the “pink cookies” as the kids were callin’ it, cracker + cheese & some $fruit$. 

On the ride back home I had to snap this photo – it has been the most gorgeous day here in Richmond and I wanted to remember it 4eva 😉 !!
Drivin' down I-295

Drivin' down I-295

Once we got home I had a hot date with my Mom to hit up Trader Joe’s and World Market (again? I’m so embarassed haha).  She came over bearing gifts!!  A bread machine that she never uses and this

This. Is. So. Good. !

This. Is. So. Good. !

Tabbouleh!!  She did a superfab job ya’ll, this stuff rocks!!

And guess what I got today from TJ’s – some PUMPKIN BUTTA!!!!!!!!! Yep, it’s that time of year again bloggertons – break out the pumpkin-y goodness bc this stuff is the shizzzz!!!

I also got Lucy Dog this new mallard toy – it makes quacking noises and she wants to eat it hahahaha

This is her 'model the new toy' pose peep ;)

This is her 'model the new toy' pose peeps 😉

And now I’m off to start on some Din for tonight – and crack open a Kennebunkport Pumpkin Ale!  Gotta get it wrapped up before True Blood season finale whoop whoop!! 
Check back for din recap & pics – hopin’ I’ll get to post before the finale but if not then it’ll be a quick one after (gotta be up at the crack of dawn each day this week for a new training I am starting at work!)  See ya soon bloggertons!

2 responses to “Can’t “hide the lentils” from this gal!

  1. that tabouleh looks delish!!! one ofmy favorite foods ever. so good with hummus 🙂 or pita. or both 😉 yay for football season!

    • Mom hooked it up for sure! This stuff is sooo good – and w/ hummus & pita oh yum… We have football on right now of course – it’s that time of year again (yea for fall!) Have a great night 🙂

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