Vogue Squash!

Let me start off by saying that dinner tonight turned out SO bloggerific delicious bloggie friends!! 🙂  

Anddddd I have found my new FAVORITE fall side dish for 2009!!!  That’s why it has been deemed “Vogue Squash” – because it’s gonna be in style allllll seasonnnn longggg (for this girl at least 😉 )

So this “Vogue Squash” aka Squash, Pear & Onion au gratin recipe came from Better Homes & Gardens however I modified the recipe a bit Fanatic style (per usual) with the biggest differences being

  • (1) using acorn squash
  • (2) cooking acorn squash ahead of time some
  • (3) omitting parsley
  • (4) omitting bacon — don’t add this, the dish does not need this peeps!
Squash + pear + onion + walnuts + butter = yea, I think so

Squash + pear + onion + walnuts + butter = yea, I think so

So “Kenny” & I baked the acorn squash at 350F for about 30 minutes before even attempting to slice up this guy — ever tried to cut up a raw acorn squashie? Not as easy as it looks haha – baking it first was the trick!

Let's get this show on the road Kenny!

Let's get this show on the road Kenny!

Then I sliced up an onion and sauteed over medium for about 10 min in 1/2 tblsp of butter (USE IT!! – makes such a difference and it’s really not much peeps!)

A lil' butter goes a long ways flava wise!!

A lil' butter goes a long ways flava wise!!

I then sliced up 2 pears and actually added them to the hot pan (after removing the cooked onions) for about 5 minutes.  I did this because I knew that the squash & onion had already partially cooked so I didn’t want the pears to not be at the same stage before popping into the oven!

Lil' caramelization goin'

Lil' caramelization goin'

Then it was time to layer up the casserole!  Acorn squash (cut up) + pears

Hey, where are my onion friends?!

Hey, where are my onion friends?!

+ sauteed onion + salt & pepper… then pop it into a 350F oven (covered) for about 20 minutes to finish cooking everything!

While the veggies are baking away, make the easiest topping EVA with these guys

  • 3 tblsp bread crumbs
  • 1 tblsp grated Parm
  • 1 tblsp melted butter
  • 2 tblsp chopped walnuts
Oh so ready!!

Oh so ready!!

Once the veggies are ready, sprinkle them with this mixture and bake for another 10 minutes or so and then it’s ready folks!

Could it get any better??

Could it get any better??


Once the casserole was all done I got to work on the pork chops which I knew would be a fast cook on the trusty cast iron stovetop grill! 

I had been marinating these local, chemical free bone-in chops in my fave Aloha  mango-pineapple terryaki glaze, some soy sauce & sliced ginger all day long.  They were ready for some cookin’!

Medium heat for about 8 minutes - perfect!

Medium heat for about 8 minutes - perfect!

Get yo’ grub on!!!
Oh it was time...!

Oh it was time...!

This dinner was the perfect combo of flavors, I loved it!  Takeaways from tonight’s meal:

(1) Buying local meats that are chemical free is 100 times better than any store-bought could EVER be. Period. These chops were phenomenal. 

(2) This squash casserole will be made again this fall.  Then again.  Probably again after that.  The flavors were supurb, and it was overall a very healthy dish (veggies + fruit + nuts + minimal butter (1.5 tblsp total) – I think so!)

Couldn’t ask for more out of a Sunday bloggie friends – what a great day ended with a wonderful meal! 🙂

Now it’s time to gear up for the True Blood season finale (whoop whoop) and then off to bed early tonight.  See you for the start to a new week tomorrow!

6 responses to “Vogue Squash!

  1. Yummmm I love squash of any variety. I will definitely be trying this soon and thank you so much for sending over the recipe! I did receive it and I appreciate the extra effort 🙂

  2. Great dinner chica! I love squash- so many fun varieties and you can do tons of different things with it! The gratin looks awesome

  3. that squash recipe looks awesome! We have a bunch of pears on our tree in the backyard and I’ve been looking for recipes to use them in. Awesome!

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