I met ANOTHER bee keeper – what are the chances?!

So check it peeps, I am currently sitting next to someone in my Black Belt training (no, not karate, Six Sigma Business Excellence!) that lives in Conneticut and is a … duh duh duh… BEE KEEPER!!  What are the freaking chances of this (?!?! 2 bee keepers in 1 week?!?!?!), after my run-in with the infamous beekeeper at the Farmer’s market on Saturday and now this.  Maybe it’s my destiny…. Stephanie the beekeeper…hmmmm :/

So anyways, he gave me this sweet pic to post on the blog!  Here’s some background first, each fall the worker bees remove the “drones” from the hive (aka the men bees get kicked out!) because their services are no longer needed.  How crazy is that?!  This pic shows the 2 worker bees dragging the drone out – seriously (the bee keeper told me this)!!

See ya sucker!

See ya sucker!

So that is my interesting story for this morning!  Like I said, I am in training all week so hopin’ to post during breaks during the day?  Also, lunch is provided each day so I’m hopin’ to get some good eats pics too (I’ve already warned the class that they may see me with camera in hand haha)

Well, break is over but before I go I want to leave you with this beautiful dish:

My mom went Giada last night and made this Beef and Butternut Squash Stew that looks just fantastic (go Mom!!)

Nice presentation ma!

Nice presentation ma!

If ya want to make this too check it out here!!

Also, check out Megan’s Sweet Potato Scone giveaway today to get y’all ready for Fall!!!

Alright, back to training, see all you bloggertons in a few and hope you are having a FANTASTIC start to the week!!! 🙂 🙂


2 responses to “I met ANOTHER bee keeper – what are the chances?!

  1. Thanks for posting my stew! I followed Giada’s recipe exactly and it turned out great. Most of the people who reviewed it on the food network, gave it rave reviews.

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