Did I really just eat Pumpkin Butta on Mozz Cheese?!

Hahaha so the TJ’s pumpkin butta jar took over ALL control of my rationality after a long day at training today – and somehow made it onto a slice of mozzarella cheese after work.  This can’t be normal?  Oh well, don’t care, it was DARN GOOD.  Take that pumpkin butta – you rock my world fo’ shizzle!

Mr. Joe - please make me your wife. Sincerely, Stephanie.

Mr. Joe - please make me your wife. Sincerely, Stephanie.

Some serious J.M. Shreddin’ was needed after quite the lengthy day at training today.  The Man was working late so I had to get home to let out Lucy Dog – even though we had a social event I was supposed to attend :/  And who says a dog isn’t a lot of responsibility?  So worth it though 🙂  So J.M. had a serious hangout to get to….

….after some serious plyometrics/abs/weight training with my main homegirl it was time to get our “fend for yourself” dinner night together.  No lie :/, I made sure The Man had his meal before he got home because he had to work late AND I yet again came home to a spotless living room and kitchen thanks to his morning cleaning activities 🙂 

Guess it wasn’t technically “fend for yourself” but either way, it was a night off for this lady and I needed it after 10 hours of commute/work today!  As much as I adore cooking and being in the kitchen, even I need a break sometimes peeps 😉

Here’s what was on The Man’s menu tonight

  • leftover BBQ chicken pizza from Pizza Fusion that I had frozen this weekend
  • Alexia Oven Reds (Olive Oil, Parm & Roasted Garlic) — pretty much the shizz!
Brown & tan diet? :/

Brown & tan diet? :/

I still had some of the chimi lentils left and Mom’s tabbouleh so that was on my menu (shout again to Erica for the snobby Jane idea – round 2 this week girlie!)

  • Wheat bread, chimi lentils, sharp cheddar, Frank’s hot sauce heated in a 400F oven for 7 minutes to warm/melt cheesy
  • Mom’s tabbouleh w/ some added sliced olives (leftover from last night!)
Awesome din - so fast, easy and healthy whoop!

Awesome din - so fast, easy and healthy whoop!

After din it was definitely dessert time in this house – pumpkin butta anyone?  Ummm should I go stock up on multiple jars of this now haha?!?!  Here’s what went down
Bring it

Bring it

 Check out the Edy’s nutritional stats on this cream of the ice – not too shabby!

I think so!

I think so!

I decided to make a mini-dessert using a fun shot glass (who do I think I am, TGIFridays or sumthin’? Don’t ask) ha
So cute!! You know it

So cute!! You know it

The Man decided he had to have a root beer float – which vs. my “shot glass dessert” looked pretty darn funny! 🙂
Take that shot glass - you've been served

Take that shot glass - you've been served

Alrighty, bed time is set for EARLY tonight, we are both exhausted with this change in the schedule and in need of some serious beauty rest 🙂

But guess what tomorrow is, HUMP DAY!! 🙂 Yea, that’s whats up.  See ya then bloggin’ friends and have a wonderful night!


18 responses to “Did I really just eat Pumpkin Butta on Mozz Cheese?!

  1. Pumpkin butter + cheese actually sounds pretty good! I would have done the same thing!

    • Haha it actually really was…. I was seriously doubting my sanity for a second but then just decided to roll with it! Have you had TJ’s pumpkin butter before? SO GOOD!

  2. foodieinthecity

    This week is FLYING BY! Yay for hump day tomorrow!

    TJ’s PUMPKIN BUTTA IS BACK!?!? This stuff is seriously, to die for. I’ve tried other pumpkin butters and they do.not.compare.!

    Delish dessert 🙂

    • Ummm I think I could eat TJs pumpkin butta at every meal – and still want more… I think there is something seriously wrong with me hahaha. Hooray for tomorrow being hump day – sheesh it’s been a long week already! Anything fun planned this weekend?

  3. i have never tried pumpkin butter-im intrigued!! what does it taste like? is it sweet?

    • Seriously!? You HAVE to try this stuff girl, it’s sweet and somewhat pumpkin pie’ish if you will – I freaking love the stuff. I put it on crackers, ice cream, in oatmeal, you name it haha 🙂 Do you have a TJ’s near you?

  4. Pumpkin butter? I’ve seen in around. looks great! Maybe I can find a version at Whole Foods

  5. I’m pretty certain that the pumpkin butter is calling my name!!

    • It called my name all night long apparently haha, and now it made it’s way into my oatbran – buying stock in TJs pumpkin butter NOW. 😉 Hope your dinner at Ipanema was nice!

  6. oh wow, pump butter and ice cream… i like your style. and now i need dessert…

    • It is soooo goooood! I was craving the vanilla with it (figured cheese wasn’t really in order for din tonight like earlier!), good thing my boyfriend was willing to run to the store and he came back with a great find 🙂

  7. i love the little dessert! I’m going to have to get some of that pumpkin butter this weekend.

  8. oooh – I LOVE pumpkin butter!!! I just love that Mr. Joe.

    And I LOVE the shot glass dessert!! See, those shot glasses ARE multi-functional. 🙂

  9. Pumpkin butter + cheese sounds awesome to me! I love cheddar + strawberry jam…hmmm… Might need to try this.

    Love your shot glass dessert- too cute 😀

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