Sending off presents blogger style! :)

Last night before bed I got a special package together for a certain awesome blogger friend 🙂 !! Lucy is always trying to help out haha!

Send me some bones please? Love, Lucy Dog

Send me some bones please? Love, Lucy Dog

Due to my hectic training schedule – The Man is takin’ care of the post office visit and gettin’ this sent along it’s merry way (he’s the BEST right?!)  I hope she likes it!

Have you ever participated in a fun trade w/a fellow food blogger? If so, what did you send them and why?!

Bright and early this a.m. I made some Peaches N’ Dream oat bran this morning with the addition of some chopped walnuts this time around – holy yum!  Sorry, no pic guys, there was a wreck on I-95 so the news lady told me so I was bustin’ my a$$ to get out the door since my drive to training is longgggg and goes that way :/  I promise this though, it was phenomenal!! 🙂

Check out my drive in – the sky was amazingly beautiful OMG!

So earlyyyyy haha

So earlyyyyy haha

Got into training today bright and early – ready to learn! …. well, ready as I’ll ever be 😉

Did I mention that there is a free snack stash at our training center – hold me back haha!

Evil snack shelf!

Evil snack shelf!

Well, better get back to learning and the such.  Hope we get some super sweet lunchie again today WHOOP WHOOP!  Although I’m sure you’ll be the first to find out 🙂  Have a great morning bloggertons 🙂


6 responses to “Sending off presents blogger style! :)

  1. looove bloggy trades!! and i would not be able to control myself around that snack stash 🙂 have a fun day at training today!

  2. crackers looked good, are they new? don’t recall seeing them but I do try and stay away from the cracker aisle! lol

    • My mom actually left them at my house when she stayed here with our dog (we were outta town) — I am totally with you that I try to stay away from the cracker aisle though haha! The nutritional stats on these are pretty good however, and great flavor 🙂

  3. so glad to see someone else likes skippy natural pb. I love it haha. I know its not the best one out there but it taste so flipping good.

    • I feel ya – it definitely is kind on the wallet and tastes yummy w/out too much of the chemical/bad stuff… esp after I just ordered $20 of PB from PBLoco (ummm cookie dough and caramel apple flavors!) I gots to go w/ skippy regular for now 🙂 !!

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