Wrappy wrapperton

 Today’ training lunch turned out better than expected once again – go training coordinator! 🙂  There were many salad and wrap choices today – here’s what I chose (a lot of them had mayo based dressing and that’s just not my thing 😉 )

Pretty impressive for a training box lunch eh?

Pretty impressive for a training box lunch eh?

Served with some tortilla chips & salsa
Wrap + tortillas

Wrap + tortillas

Not too shabby I must say!

And this then this happened

Haha def a floor pic

Haha def a floor pic

Yea, I def packed this stash for training snacks to avoid the snack shelf you saw earlier (gahhhhhhh!!!) 
These All Bran crackers are pretty darn good I might add 🙂
Well, our quick break is ov-ah and back to the business excellence grind…. Got some things to take care of after work and then J.M. Shred sesh postponed from yesterday.  I am ready!
Tonight I have already “warned” The Man will be a fend fo’ yo’self kinda night – aka he’s most likely having leftover Pizza Fusion that I froze and I get to have leftover chimi lentils and mom’s tabbouleh whoop whoop!  I’m kinda excited, sometimes a break from dinner prep is much deserved 🙂
Don’t worry though peeps – I have some more key recipes on tap for the rest of this week including another acorn squash appearance!  See ya tonight bloggin’ peeps!!

5 responses to “Wrappy wrapperton

  1. The wrap looks delicious! Enjoy a night of no cooking–it IS definitely nice to have nights off from it!

  2. I love those kind of nights. I am a huge left overs fan and my B.F. is not at all. So usually on these kind of nights he gets something on the way home from work which is even less mess that I have to deal with!

    • Easy nights can be the best, totally agreed! Luckily my B.F. is cool with the leftover deal – but sounds like you guys have a nice plan worked out too! 🙂

  3. foodieinthecity

    Your wrap looks delish!

    Way to avoid the snack trap. Crackers + PB are a great option. Add some chocolate chips on there, and you got a pretty stellar dessert too!

    Sweet dreams dear.


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