Myers-Briggs results are in!

Hey bloggies! So today at Six Sigma training we had the pleasure of working with our HR group and getting the results from our Myers-Briggs test back in…anyone ever take this personality test?  If so, I’d love to know your results if you are okay with sharing!

My results were not at all surprising actually?  I think I totally fit into these catagories pretty much on point

  • Extrovert (sociable, multiple relationships, thrives off energy expenditure, gregarious, talk to think) — vs. Introvert
  • Sensing (sequential, present, realistic, practical, detail oriented, fact/actuality) — vs. Intuition
  • Thinker (logical, truths, solves problems, businesslike) — vs. Feeling
  • Judging (planned, decisive, self-regimented, purpose, makes decisions quickly) — vs. Perceiving

ESTJ’s in a nutshell like order/structure, are sociable, opinionated, results driven, producers & traditional.  (SJ’s are common in leadership roles!)  Coulda told you that one — business woman CPA Steph? 😉

Here’s an interesting fact – the only item that is skewed for males & females is the Thinker vs. Feeler (2/3 of women fall into the Feeler category — and women that sway too much to the Thinker side can be perceived negatively grrrrr!)

I have decided that The Man is an ENTP fyi — he is way more spontaneous, flexible and random than this lady!  I think that’s why we compliment each other so well (mush moment 🙂 )

But before all this excitement I had my usual morning oats – AND guess who found his way into the bowl…. 😉 

Oatbran, PB, naner, agave, pumpkin butta!

Oatbran, PB, naner, agave, pumpkin butta!

Official diagnosis:  PUMPKIN BUTTA ADDICT :/

I loved all the comments from you friends last night about the TJ’s pumpkin butta! Those of you who haven’t tried it – I highly recommend doing so – it is SO yummy! 🙂

For lunch we had Panera brought in – TRIPLE WHOOP WHOOP FOR THAT!!! 🙂



They had a bunch of salads (Asian Chicken, Classic Cafe, Caesar) and sammies (Med Veggie, Ham/Swiss, Turkey, etc)

One of which was my ulimate FAVORITE Panera sammie ever — can you guess which one?!?

Med Veggie! Cilantro hummus, feta, peppers, tomato, lettuce on tomato/basil bread holy yum!

Med Veggie! Cilantro hummus, feta, peppers, tomato, lettuce on tomato/basil bread holy yum!

I had 2.  Take that Panera 🙂  Figured better to have another sammie half than a bag of chips – not a big chip fan for whatever reason anyways.

Twas’ delicious!!!!

Aight cats, time to get back to training.  It’s been a fun day of HR learning around here which is a welcomed break after yesterday’s statistics/process mapping/etc! 

See ya tonight after a YogaSculpt sesh (is it sad that I am really excited about this?!)

I’m thinkin’ tonight is going to be healthy mexican nacho creation night at our house – compliments of the creativity of chef Steph haha!  Let’s just hope the pumpkin butta doesn’t make it into this one hahahaha :/ No promises.



6 responses to “Myers-Briggs results are in!

  1. Ohh, love the Myers-Briggs tests:)Your oats look awesome! I’ve never had pumpkin butter before.

    • If you have a Trader Joe’s near you I highly recommend trying this – then stocking up (bc it’s seasonal!) I’d be curious to know where else sells this stuff – you may have just prompted me to a mini-research project 🙂

  2. I love pumpkin butter! It just screams fall to me!

    Personality tests are fun!

  3. Really interesting to hear about the Meyers-Briggs Test, especially the women vs. men stuff. I find that fascinating.
    Also, the Panera sandwich looks awesome- I’ve actually never been there! I look forward to reading about yummy nachos tonight!

    • Panera is pretty good for healthy chain food I must say – I’m a fan! I found today’s session about Meyers-Briggs to be so interesting for sure, I feel like I learned so much that I can actually apply to real-life situations based on people’s diff personality types!

  4. I took this test a longg time ago but I don’t remember my results! Lots o good eats today! I love Williams Sonoma’s pumpkin butter! I want to buy like 10 jars of it 🙂 Have fun at yoga sculpt- I look forward to my workouts every day 🙂

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