I’m in love with….an acorn?

 So here we are Thursday night (whoop whoop!) – I’ve been waiting all week for you sucker 😉 Tomorrow is a short day, and well-deserved (after a day full of analytical methodologies/statistics!)

But enought about that!  Let’s do a rewind of today’s training eats…. (besides the PBLoco cookie dough PB that got brought into class and spread atop some figgie newtons, pretzels, my keyboard…etc haha 😉

Sandwich box:

lunch package

lunch package

And on the inside:

Chicken sammie, tater salad (Ron White anyone?), fruit

Chicken sammie, tater salad (Ron White anyone?), fruit

Today’s lunchie was probably my least fave of the week – pretty blah however the potato salad was decent (although I’m not the bigget mayo based salad fan so I only ate half :/)

After work I stopped by Trader Joe’s to pick up some wine, bread & pumpkin butta pour moi my lil sis and for the

PUMPKIN BUTTA GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!! (click me!)

I ❤ TJs.  Fo’ life.

 Can’t wait to use my new random number generator tool (gahhh uber-math-nerd in training today haha) to pick the winner for this stuff!! 🙂  And btw, I’m LOVING the comments I’ve gotten so far — so many fantastic uses for this stuff awesome bloggie buds!!  

Then it was time to get started on some din! 

  • Steaks marinated in overnight in Aloha Mango Pineapple Terryaki glaze (bottle is DUNNZO!), soy sauce and fresh sliced ginger from the freezer (best trick for storage)
  • Maple Acorn Squash 
  • Mahatma Saffron Rice (this stuff is ah-may-zing!) topped w/ caramalized onions

Marinade sound familiar peeps?  I freaking love this combo – now it’s been done on chicken, pork and steak.  The trilogy?  Anyways… 🙂


Since today was a later day at training, so soon as I got home I threw the acorn squash in a 350F oven for about 40 minutes to get rollin’ while I did some laundry – easy peasy!


Make me delicious!

Make me delicious!

Once that was done it was time to get started with the rest of the eats!

I made the topping for the squashies out of

  • 1 tblsp melted butter
  • 3 tsp brown sugar
  • 3 tsp sugar free syrup
  • sprinkle of nutmeg & pumpkin pie spice 
Are we making cookies or something?

Are we making cookies or something?

Bake these suckers for another 25 minutes til they are super tender and sweet and then top with some walnuts if you so desire!

This is when I fell in love.... with an acorn.... for realz

This is when I fell in love.... with an acorn.... for realz

While the squashies were finishing baking and getting so freaking delicious, I caramelized a sliced onion in 1tblsp. of butter (don’t be scurrred!) over medium heat
Sweet sweet onions

Sweet sweet onions

and also cooked the rice according to the directions (omitted the buttah – no need here)
Flava PUNCH!

Flava PUNCH!

 Easy as pumpkin (buttah) pie?!
Love this combo!

Love this combo!

 Then it was time for the meattttt, which I cooked on my most favorite cooking present ever received:  the cast iron skillet/grill thing haha!!

The flava from this skillet is outta this world!

The flava from this skillet is outta this world!

Love way the sugars in this marinade/glaze caramelize up and make the meat so sweet and tender (did I just say that haha?)
So here was the final product


Plated up!

Feed this lady!

Feed this lady!

Final reviews:

  • 1) squash was insanely deelish – wow.  let’s just say that The Man ate all his first, even before the meat.  Yea.
  • 2) meat turned out perfectly – who needs a grill when you have this skillet?!
  • 3) rice / onions was the perfect compliment to this meal

Overall — 3 cheers for this fall fiesta — it was superb!! 🙂

K bloggie bloggertons, gotta go catch up on some google reader and then get to sleep!  Shorter day tomorrow and then Lucy Dog vet visit…AND Va Tech this weekend whoop whoop! Have a fantastic Thursday everyone 🙂


10 responses to “I’m in love with….an acorn?

  1. i can’t wait to get some winter squash! yours looks great 😉

  2. I’ve never had Acorn Squash…the whole dinner looks so delicious!

    • you should def try! i was actually intimidated by these things for a long while (until now recently :/) but found that it was seriously so much easier than i ever anticipated — cutting it was the hardest part hahaha

  3. “after a day full of analytical methodologies/statistics!” My brain hurt just reading that!

    Yum that squash looks like dessert…bring on the fall 🙂

    • oh em gee. i had a minor migraine when i got home after that, no doubt haha. the squash seriously tasted like dessert, i was like is this seriously good for me? SO GOOD 🙂

  4. Ummmm…. you are a gourmet chef. How do you have the time/ energy to do so much and plan ahead? Amazing!

    • Thanks for the wonderful compliment 🙂 The secret for me is making meals that only APPEAR to be gourmet, when in fact I will tell you that they are truly very little effort… this one was just the same – grilling the meat was probably the hardest part for me (timing it). It’s all in the planning – which I do on the weekend and get ready for the week and then I don’t even have to think about it 🙂 !!

  5. hungryhoneybee

    Mmm. I need to try that acorn squash!

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