Hey bloggie friends!  So as promised last night…..& after the wonderful comments from each of you friends on this post + finding out that so many of you haven’t tried this wonderful delicious butter o’ le pumpkin!

Mr. Joe - meet my bloggin' friends!

Mr. Joe - meet my bloggin' friends!

I have decided to do a PUMPKIN BUTTA GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!

Yep, you’ve heard that correctly 🙂  

Simple as this peeps, just do one or both of the following (entry for each)!!!

  • Leave me a comment below with the most creative use for pumpkin butter you can think of or have tried
  • Link back to this giveaway on your site and leave me a comment with the link

Then I’ll select the winner at random on Sunday, September 20, announce it that night and send the pumpkin butta on it’s merry way next week!  P.S. Winna gets 2 jars, supa butta bonus 😉

ADDED NOTE:  I will only be able to ship these to residents in the Continental US (sorry for the late notice peeps!)

As my homegirl over at EatingBirdFood.com so correctly stated “….that pumpkin butter is amazing… it’s something that simply has to be shared with others.”  TRUE THAT! Thanks Brittany 🙂

We are doing some statistical overview at training today (I am such a math nerd) so I gots to get back to listening!  Wonder what’s for lunch today….. 😉  Show ya later!

Oh, and tonight guess what I’m making?!

  • Terryaki steaks (they’ve been marinating ALL night longggg)
  • Maple acorn squash
  • Saffron rice

Is it friday yet 😉 ??


50 responses to “PUMPKIN BUTTER GIVEAWAY – if you say so!

  1. Awesome giveaway! I would love to try it just on toast, but even more so- stirred into oatmeal. Yum!

  2. I think it would be great to make pumpkin ravioli with. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the shout out lady! I love this pumpkin butter on any and everything. I hope I win!!

  4. Oh, I’ve been dying to try pumpkin butter. I think I would toast a whole wheat bagel and top it with pumpkin butter, bananas and AB, with a drizzle of agave nectar.

  5. I left a comment on my blog about your giveaway Stephanie. http://niccisniftyeats.com/2009/09/17/9-tidbits-and-oats/

  6. i’ve never tried pumpkin butter before. sounds really good since I love pumpkin!

  7. i would mix it with oats and almonds and make little raw cookies. rolled in coconut. or i would make a curry roux with it. =D

  8. I would LOVE to try pumpkin butter mixed with some granola and chia seeds long with some unsweetened almond breeze and splenda. Sounds like a winning breakfast recipe to me!!! 🙂 I hope I win! I’d LOVE to try it!

  9. Oh yum I love that stuff! I love it just spread like jam on bagels or english muffins. It’s delicious on ice cream as well!

  10. Yum! Maybe I would try to be creative and throw it in a smoothie with almond milk, PB, and bananas! What a fun give-away!

  11. WAFFLEWICH!! Mmm Kashi Waffles with pumpkin butter & banana. Sounds so good – I’ve never tried pumpkin buttah before!

  12. i’m waiting on Friday!!!

    I have NEVER Tried pumpkin butter, but I think it would be awesome on pancakes, in oatmeal, and in yogurt. yum 🙂

  13. foodieinthecity

    Last fall, my FAVORITE use for this jar of heaven was a bagel with plain cream cheese with a layer of this fabulous butta’ on top!

    This stuff is seriously addicting…

  14. balancejoyanddelicias

    I’d mix with avocado and spread the mix over toasted Tj’s english muffin!!! 😀 oh…. yummy~~

  15. I’m so boring, I just use it in my oats. But if I crave some for dessert I add a touch of maple and cinnamon over toast. So simple, so yummy!

  16. i love having pumpkin butter mixed in with canned pumpkin for instant pumpkin pie!

  17. We have no Trader Joes, and therefore, no TJ Pumpkin Butter! Grrr!
    I would love to try it in it’s many lovely forms–on sweet potatoes, in oatmeal, on Ezekiel bread, on a spoon…

  18. I love to put pumpkin butter on a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yum! 🙂

  19. Hmm? Pumpkin Butter in a smoothie with yogurt? Kinda like Ice Cream topped with a dollop of Pumpkin Butter? Very different Iknow, but I think it could work!?
    Im keeping my fingers crossed for this one!!!

  20. pumpkin butter would be great on a warm bowl of oats 🙂

  21. oh my gosh? Best giveaway ever! I have made cookies with it that turned out to be total heaven!

  22. Oh, how I wish there was a Trader Joe’s in Florida.

  23. Can’t say I have a recipe for pumpkin butter considering I’ve never seen pumpkin butter where I live and sadly, no Trader Joe’s here in FL, but I would love to try it! Fall is definitely pumpkin season!

  24. Hi Stephanie! I’m in Charlottesville, and miss Trader Joe’s desperately! I think the best way to eat that pumpkin butter would be alone. On a spoon. A BIG spoon.

    P.S. I’ll link you too!

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  26. Oooo enter me! Enter me!

    I would loooove this on oats in the morning!

  27. hungryhoneybee

    Pumpkin butter on waffles sounds like it would be delectable! I hope that’s creative enough for an entry!

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  29. littlemissminny

    Mhm, pumpkin butter on a warm banana bread…delicious.
    There is no pumpkin butter in my country, although there are tons and tons of pumpkins. people are just not creative enough 😦

  30. I love this stuff! Its best on ice cream!

  31. I haven’t tried it..but i am dying to try it on my cinnamon/syrup omlettes. I take eggs and egg whites, whip it together with cinnamon sugar, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie spice. Then cook it as am omlette and put chocolate chips on one side and fold over. Then I top with whip cream and syrup, but would loveee to try with pumpkin butter! It goes with the theme.

  32. ahh this giveaway makes me one excited chick 🙂 I’ve never been to a TJ’s but have wanted to try the pumpkin butter ever since I saw it making it’s way through blogworld. I bet it would divine on ice cream.. nommmm 🙂

  33. I’d love to try that – I’ve not seen it before!

    Happy Friday!

  34. i’m thinking pumpkin butter and fage. mmmm

  35. mmmmm i would luv some with some of my spice muffins!

  36. i have never heard of pumpkin butter but I love pumpkin flavored anything I would probably add it to my greek yogurt in a pumpkin chia seed muffin recipe.


  37. Yum yum YUM!!!! I tried pumpkin butter once with jelly as a sub for a peanut butter/jelly sub on a sandwich…oh my!! Was it ever good. 🙂 Awesome, awesome giveaway!!

  38. I like it on Kashi TLCs and as a dip for dried apricots!!

  39. I have just recently discovered the joys of pumpkin but can think of many great uses for this pumpkin butter!

    – Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin (a la Starbucks)
    – Pumpkin Oats
    – Pumpkin Shake
    – Pumpkin + Jelly Sandwich
    – Pumpkin + Yoghurt
    – Pumpkin on Pumpkin??? Mmmmmm

    Linked back here: http://izzyy.wordpress.com/2009/09/20/home-alone-7-candy-for-dinner/


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  41. I might be too late but .. I’d use it on some nice whole wheat bread!

  42. Funny thing, that I run a blog called “If you say so“. 🙂

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