Peach & pumpkin drizzle fo’ shizzle

FRIDAY!! 🙂  Nuff said.  

JK bloggertons, I gots lots more to say (per usual haha!)

This early morning started off with a new oat bran combo whoop whoop!

  • 1/3 cup oatbran
  • 1/2 cup vanilla soy milk (+1/2 cup water)
  • fresh peach, sliced
  • 1 tbslp. pumpkin butta drizzle
  • spoonful chopped walnuts
Makin' 6:15am worth it ?

Makin' 6:15am worth it ?

Twas a grand morning oat eating event – supplemented with some chocolate soy milk iced coffee yummmm.

You want to try this pumpkin butter you say?  Well why didn’t you speak up!  Head on over HERE and check out my


Get your comment/link in by Sunday morning as I will be selecting and announcing the winner Sunday night!! 🙂       Quick note peeps – I can only ship these suckers to residents in the Continental US so sorry for not saying that before.

On a side note, we are currently eating our 11:30 (?? why so early ??) lunch at training — today is pizza today but luckily they also got salads!  Here’s the eats

Pretty decent from a pizza place eh?

Pretty decent from a pizza place eh?


wah wah where is my sammich?!

wah wah where is my sammich?!

Got a few more hours of training then back home to get Lucy Dog for a vet visit – annual checkup time – I am sure she will be thrilled!

Also on the agenda is packing up for VA Tech this weekend (!!!) and figuring out what in the heck we are having for dinna tonight 🙂  I usually plan through Thursday and wing it Friday, bc that’s how I roll.  Perhaps an exercise sesh is in order too – considering I’ll be partaking in some festivities 😉 this weekend and def sans exercise!



6 responses to “Peach & pumpkin drizzle fo’ shizzle

  1. who is shizzle? you keep mentioning for shizzle. looks good though.

  2. YAYYYY for coming up here in less than 24 hrs 🙂 can’t wait to partake in fun tailgating festivities with you tomorrow! / i love how you eat oatbran now. that stuffs so good i even got dad liking it and he ate half of my container! i cant believe i havent had oatmeal/any sort of yummy breakfast in over a month. todays consisted of amy’s burrito hahahha it worked though! brain fuel for my fun accounting quiz this AM—teachers are evil–enough said!

  3. foodieinthecity

    Have fun this weekend!!! I love spending time with family 🙂

    That pizza looks pretty stellar lady, not gonna lie! Although… not thick enough crust for this chica! And yes, pretty impressive on the salad from a pizza place! Usually it is some really faded lettuce and maybe a tomato slice if you are lucky. Lol.

  4. yey for pumpkin butter!

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