Bloggin’ addict

Haha stumbled across this lovely while goin’ through my weekend pics…. who does this?!

What am I doing?! haha

What am I doing?! haha

 The sis and I set up camp post VTech game and got to bein’ our computer lovin’ nerdy selves….always a good idea a few beers deep eh? 😉  Anyways, I think this pic is haaa-larious so I just hadta share!! 🙂

Onto today… Monday… everyone’s fave right?  I was okay with it because I am back at the office this week and getting things organized and using my skills from training to start a superfab project (not superfab in the “Dark Chocolate PB is superfab” kinda way but more like “I get to do different work and change things up a bit which is superfab”) — got me?

For brekkie to get the day started I made some oat bran (per usual) and decided to use the Barney Butter and chia seeds that Brandi sent me the other day! 


Oat bran, naners, vanilla soy milk, barney butter, chia seeds = winner winner oatmeal dinner brekkie!!!

Got to the workplace after battling some serious a.m. traffic (grrrr) and the morning has flown by ever since.  Gettin’ in a quick lunch as we speak

Leftover salad topped with buffalo chicken deli meat & sharp chedder

Buffalo chicken + sharp cheddar = flava fiesta for the mouth

Buffalo chicken + sharp cheddar = flava fiesta for the mouth

Leftover Parm noodles

Easy peasy but still tasty

Easy peasy but still tasty

Pumpkin butter “cookie” and M&Ms (round 2, had round 1 bout 10:30 this morning haha :/)

These cookies got better today after sitting in the fridge overnight hmmmm?  Currently re-evaluating how much agave/spice will be necessary next time.

Round 2- KO!

Round 2- KO!

After a quick bite it’s time to head over to the post office to mail Lynne the pumpkin butter so she can get to tryin’ this stuff 🙂

Tonight’s agenda includes a potential workout (depends on how late I end up working…. got double duties going on and lots to do) and the following for din (!!)

  • Moroccan fish w/ tomatoes & olives
  • Cous cous w/ pine nuts, feta & roasted peppers

Hope everyone is truckin’ through their Mondays with ease and see ya’ll tonight! 🙂


5 responses to “Bloggin’ addict

  1. Hahaha drogging… drunk bloggin!

  2. That picture is hilarious!

  3. foodieinthecity

    I love how everything seems like the best idea in the world after a few beers. The picture cracks me up 🙂

    Your sweets are making me think it is just about time for me to grab some dessert!

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