Morocco for the night :)

Quick post before Gossip Girl!!!  Me and Rob have a date since The Man won’t watch it with me (he hates it hahaha) 😉


After gettin’ home late from work & taking Lucy Dog on a walk, got started on tonight’s menu which included

  • Moroccan fish w/ tomatoes & olives
  • Couscous w/ pine nuts, feta & roasted peppers

I found the Moroccan fish recipe in a hand-me-down issue of Woman’s Day (thanks ma!) that I was perusing on the way back from VTech this weekend…. the flavor combo really intrigued me (cinnamon again!) even though I have always been hesitant on using frozen fish :/  Well, here goes nothing!


Here were the players


Saute the chopped onion in EVOO (medium heat) for a few minutes, add the chopped garlic, cinnamon and cumin and cook another minute or so til fragrant


Then add the can of tomatoes and about half a can of olives, sliced in half


 Get the defrosted fish ready for baking by drizzling with 2 tsp EVOO, sea salt and pepper.  Bake at 425F for about 11 minutes, til done.



Onto the couscous, here’s team 2!! (I am such a nerd haha)


Prepare the cous cous according to the directions (which btw peeps, is so freakin’ super easy, boil some water and spice packet then take off heat and add the cous cous and let sit covered for 5 minutes – I mean seriously, easier than heating a slice of pizza fo’ realz!)  Stir in some chopped roasted peppers and crumbled feta yummm 🙂

Here was the final product



My plate!


So how was it you ask?!?!?  Easy, fast, delicious, yummy, healthy, do I need to go on?? 😉  The first words out of The Man’s mouth were “Oh God this is good”  Here’s the breakdown

  1. fish w/ the moroccan inspired ‘sauce’ was incredibly delicious… the spices were insanely good w/ the tomato/olive combo and it was a cinch to make… plus I am no longer scared of frozen fish 🙂
  2. couscous was fabulous, I had made us the plain kind before and it was kinda blah but this pine nut flava w/ the addition of the feta and roasted garlic peppers was awesome!

Overall this meal was done in under 30 minutes and tasted fabulous — WIN! 🙂 🙂

One last quick thing and in the spirit of surprise guest appearances (ala Fitnessista & FoodieintheCity style!) – although not the woman herself, but her delish looking recipe instead – check out what my mom made for din last night over at her house!  Holy yum does this look good 🙂

This lady knows where it's at

This lady knows where it's at

How good does that look?  Yea, go Mom!!

Here’s what she had to say about Mrs.Paula Deen’s recipe:  “This recipe could be tweaked a lot…I used low fat sour cream (you could use some sort of broth if you didn’t like sour cream) and low fat cheddar.  When I make it again I probably will add red pepper flakes.”  Check the recipe out here if ya wanna!

Alright bloggies, 10 minute countdown to Gossip Girl and some cookies n’cream ice cream is callin’ my name!! I love being 15 again 🙂  Night blog friends!


7 responses to “Morocco for the night :)

  1. YUM! Great job on the whole dinner! Love couscous- its so fun to jazz it up with all sorts of different additions. Hope you have a good Tuesday

  2. Lovely dinner!

    How do you like that Pinot Noir? I love Pinot Noir but I have never tried that label before!

    • I thought it was really good 🙂 I’m not a huge red wine drinker (Chard lover here haha) and normally tend to go for merlot or shiraz if I do, however this Pinot Noir was lovely — nice and light and had a very nice flavor!!

  3. that dinner looks great! glad you enjoyed your evening and Gossip Girl 🙂

  4. Yum! What a fun festive meal! I really need to get better with meal planning. I feel like we are always just throwing things together for dinner.

    • Thanks 🙂 I think I am a mega weirdo in that I actually enjoy meal planning each week haha :/ Also with not getting home each night til 6 from work and fitting in exercise before dinner, it is essential that I do it for me to stay organized/healthy/on budget…. I must say though, the stuff you have been “throwing together” lately is lookin’ pretty scrumptious!! 🙂

  5. Dear Stephanie,

    The post “Morocco for the night :)” looks and sounds delicious.

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