Playin’ outside?

Phew what a day so far… just sat down to my desk after a whirlwind of meetings this morning!  I had to go to trek to our other buildings for my meetings and check out the pix I got on the walk in



It’s waterfront 😉

Quick lunch recap included a buffalo chicken/sharp cheddar wheat wrap (keepin’ it simple :))


And this guy — which I think is a really good fast soup option!  Although after my outdoor adventures and not realizing the humidity factor was going to be 800% today was kinda thinkin’ otherwise!!!!


And of course, some (unpictured) M&M’s bc HI –  my name is Stephanie and I have an addiction to sweet sugar coated chocolate candies :/ 

Got a busy afternoon at work with yet more meetings, but looking forward to date night with The Man tonight whoop whoop!  We’re goin’ out to eat and I’m excited 🙂  Still can’t decide on what type of place to go, any suggestions?

  1. Mexican  (soft chicken tacos!)
  2. Sushi  (tuna sashimi!)
  3. Cafe/Bistro (any type of deelish sammie/salad!)

Where would you go??  Help a sista out 🙂

I also came across a superfab giveaway that I wanted to let you friends know about so you can enter to win this awesome swag too!

Enter to win Zevia + Zevia shirt — 5 will win!!  Check out Missy Maintains (click me!) for details

UPDATE:  Here’s another I just came across over at EatCleanLiveGreen (click me!) for coconut oil — awesome!!

Last but not least, check out this AWESOME article into “behind the scenes of a blog” in which Caitlin was featured with some great info for bloggin’ fanatics (me included!) 🙂

Alright folks, back to the grind, gotta crank out a few more hours of work before I can head home!  There may be some YogaSculpt in store before din and probably a walk w/ my fave dog evah 🙂  Enjoy your day!


16 responses to “Playin’ outside?

  1. oooh yay for date night!! my pick would be mexican–i always feel like it’s more romantic 🙂 hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. You are so lucky to work on the Rivah!! So pretty! When I used to work downtown, I would walk down to the river, loved working down there!

    • Hey! Well technically I don’t spend much of my day along the river, I am at our other building more within the city… so sometimes a meeting down there is a nice break! 🙂

  3. oh hey tredegar/clearinghouse. i always took for granted how nice that view was! funny thing is i picked that soup up last night at the grocery – ended up eating the amys veggie soup though that i got- no wonder i have no money..hahah

  4. I also live in RIC 🙂 The new Boathouse at Rockett’s Landing is really good – also, on Lombardy St – Balliceaux (also new). My personal favorite date spot on a nice night is Brio at Stony Point – the patio is just so cute, and the 3 course special for $20 can’t be beat. Have fun with The Man!!!

    • Hey, awesome to hear from someone in the area! I was just reading about Balliceaux , have you been before?! I also am a huge fan of Brio, for a chain type restaurant I think it is superfab (love their bellini martini omg good!) Didn’t knwo about their 3 for $20 though – thnx!!!!

      • I went to Balliceaux 2 weeks ago – the menu is very unique (I got the mushroom and asparagus tart) – I think the Chef is from Millie’s. The cocktails were also VERY unique and A.MAZING. It’s adorable – I’ll definitely be going back soon 🙂

  5. mexican, no question!

    Good luck with the rest of your day girl!

  6. Thanks for the shout out! I’d say sushi yum!!

  7. Soup is such a smart idea to sneak some veggies in with lunch!
    I would personally pick Mexican for dinner, but I love bistros as well!

  8. Ow! Have fun on date night!! I’d do either bistro or mexican….chips are always too delicious

  9. Wow….where you work is gorg!! I would post pics of where I work, but I run the risk of getting shot while taking pics! (haha j/k).

    Mmmm – I just had sushi tonight! It’s such a treat…and just not the same at the grocery store kiosks. 😦

    • Thanks 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t get to go down by the riverside very often, my actual office is a few blocks up in a big tower in the middle of the city where around the corner it can get sketch too haha :/ I totally agree – sushi restaurants are so uber-yummy, glad you had a great dinner girl!

  10. Cool blog you have!

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