Sometimes you just gotta chill :)


Guess you friends can already figure out what was for dinner eh 😉  Thank you all for the great suggestions!  You were either

  1. reading my subconcious mind Miss Cleo style with the votes toward Mexican or
  2. channeling subliminal messages to me via computer to send me there haha

Needless to say, twas a great decision!  Now let’s back this up a bit bloggies, I rarely crave this type of Americanized Mexican fare (as I like to call it) — it’s a big treat — however tonight after work I decided it was one of those times and just had to be done!

I ended up staying at work later than normal and traffic was abnormally heavy on the drive home, so my plans to do some YogaSculpt got a lil’ rearranged…. when I got home all I wanted to do was sit down, relax in the quiet and catch up on some blog reading.  So you know what I did?  JUST THAT. 

Sometimes you just gotta chill! 🙂  That is something very hard for me I must say, I am very much a type A on the go, pre-planned type a’ gal, including set workout days, etc.  However in recent months with work changes, the new house, etc. I have learned to be more flexible and to understand that rearranging these things isn’t the end of the world.  Does anyone else have trouble dealing with a change to their plan/schedule and just taking a moment to chill?  Or are you lucky peeps “fly by the seat of your pants” types?

A year ago today I prob woulda forced myself to do everything I planned after work regardless of how late I got home, how I felt and just wore myself down to the bone.  I have finally taken a moment to say to myself, is this how I would treat someone else? Then why treat myself like this?  Now don’t get me wrong, I am in no means making excuses for not gettin’ my exercise on or productivity in any way — as I think that I am pretty diligent in both respects — however instead learning to listen to myself and my body and my emotional state and **BREATHE** every once in a while!

I had an awesome workout yesterday, my muscles will recover and be stronger and more ready for an intense yoga sesh tomorrow after work.  I will be mentally prepared to have a great day tomorrow, bc I respected myself today and knew my limits 🙂

At least Lucy Dog got her walk in though – thanks to The Man offering to go with us!

OK self lecture over.  Sorry guys.

Onto what we are all here for anyways which is the MEXICAN FIESTA!!!

We ended up going to a place right down the street called Casa Grande – there are a few in our local area and they have been around for ages and I think they are just right! 

We started off with the obvious

This salsa is gooooood!

This salsa is gooooood!

I only had 3 – yea, I know?  For some reason I have good self control when it comes to chips these days (M&Ms are another story haha).  My trick is to know before I start eating how many I really need to satisfy that tortilla crunch craving – then load up the salsa on each bite to really get my fill 🙂 Call me weird… ah well

Here’s what I ordered


Shrimpie lurveeee!

Shrimpie lurveeee!

This dish was awesome peeps – the shrimpies had a wonderful grilled flavor and the sauce the perfect spice.  I love Mexican rice too as a treat, great garlic flavor in this batch.  The guac wasn’t too shabby either 😉  And I have leftovers for lunchie tmrw whoop whoop!

Here was The Man’s choice


All chicken

All chicken

All in all, the diabla sauce rocked my socks off 😉
Oh Steph ha

Oh Steph ha

Yea that’s right, I’ve already been doin’ some recipe research for a recreation which may be in order!  Check out one I found HERE if you are curious what’s in this shizz (stellar ingredient list wow!)
Everything about dinner tonight was perfect, including my company (mush moment )

Before I leave you friends, wanna see what happened this afternoon at work haha — “double the PB” cracker time (PB smeared on an already PB filled cracker).  Who does this?  Anyways, twas deelish so who cares 🙂


And I was definitely eating PB outta the jar as my boss commented on how disgusting I was…. go Steph.  hahaha 🙂 

Alright, gots to get my blog reader on to catch up with you homies then snuggle up to some TV.  Hope everyone had a wonderful night and see ya’ll tomorrow!


15 responses to “Sometimes you just gotta chill :)

  1. Loooove your dinner! I can never make Mexican at home like you get it in the restaurant. I don’t love to go out for Italian, but Mexican and Chinese, heck yes!

    Your boss commenting about your PB is hilarious, because yesterday, my boss came to my desk and saw one of my jars of peanut butter out- White Chocolate Wonderful. While she doesn’t like peanut butter to begin with, she said it made her want to gag. Sad huh? Lol.

    • Hahaha that is sooooo funny… glad me and you are doin’ a superfab job at equally grossing out our bosses!! I may have to resort to “super on the sly” PB eating tactics while at work ??? :/ Din was awesome, I hope if I replicate it at home it comes out at least close to the same flavas but we’ll see – bc I totally agree, it is hard to do!

  2. Sounds like such a great night and you made such healthy choices. Awesome will power!

    I think its wonderful that you listened to your body and just took some time to chiiill. The workout will always be there tomorrow. I have a hard time not exercising if I plan on it, too, but, like you, I’m working on treating myself the way I would treat a good friend- with love and care :).

  3. You can never have too much peanut butter…I like your style!

  4. I agree, sometimes just chillin’ is exactly what you need! Good for you for listening to your body!

  5. i agree about having to chill sometimes! Our bodies are much smarter than our brains and tell us when we need a break 🙂

  6. Getting all packed up again and ready for our trek over to the port. Dinner looks great…haven’t been there in a while since we go to El Paso when we want “American Mexican.” But with that said, I like them both about the same.

    • I hope you guys have a great time, I’m super jealous obviously!! Call me once you board you crazy cruisin’ lady 🙂

      • Forgot to tell you that we ate at an Afgan restaurant last night. Well, dad ate and I tasted! He got a salad topped with the most delicious chicken and a side of flat bread. The bread came with a yogurt dipping sauce and the salad dressing had fresh mint and I think a yogurt base. Wish we had an Afgan restaurant in Richmond!

  7. I used to have big issues with change and getting off my “schedule”. I would have everything planned, by BF would make fun of me because when I was off by like 10 minutes on my schedule I would flip out! But not anymore, ever since I moved and bought my own house, started a company, etc. I have started to just go with the flow. Now I am not always perfect at it but I am so much better at it than I used to be. Life definitely is a journey! Glad you enjoyed your Mexican dinner!!

  8. Omg Mexican is my FAVORITE–I really could eat it every day! 🙂
    I am soooo bad with change in my schedule during the week and fitting things in, like dinner or a drink with friends…so bad! I’m working on it though and I’m trying not to sweat the small stuff!

  9. That shrimp looks soooo good. I can’t remember the last time I had good Mexican. There is this place in Chicago called “Lalo’s” and nothing seems to compare to it!

    Note to self…eat Lalo’s when in Chi-town for Christmas!

    • I have never been to Chicago actually??? I’ll take up the recommendation if I ever venture there for sure though! The best mexican (in the U.S.) I ever had was a place in Houston @ Teala’s – in fact it is quite possibly the best meal I have had in my life. The mole was perfection! 🙂

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