Trader Joe’s pit-stop Surprise!

TGIF & you know it!!  Phew am I glad the workday is ov-ah —- yea, 6 hours of technical accounting updates is NOT exactly the most exciting way to spend one’s day :/ Oh the joy’s of being a CPA… glamorous eh? 

After training was over, which was well before 5pm (!) I decided to hit up Trader Joe’s on the way home considering it was right along the way!  I knew that The Man and I were gonna need some fun goodies for tonight to celebrate our long week being done!

“I got a feelin’ (oooo ooooooo) that tonight’s gonna be a good night…. that tonight’s gonna be a good good night” 😉

Snuck into the PB cups -- SO GOOD! 27 of these suckers for 210 cals... I think so :)

Snuck into the PB cups -- SO GOOD! 27 of these suckers for 210 cals... I think so 🙂

 I also picked up this combo — thanks to my homegirl Jenna who keeps raving about it, I just HAD to try it!

Heaven squared?

Heaven squared?

I also picked up Lucy Dog a treat — can’t leave her out ya know!

Cute eh?

Cute eh?

After gettin’ home and doin’ some chores I put together this guy



and Jenna aka the “pumpkin butta genious” (that’s your new name girl) was SO right —- tres deelish! 🙂 🙂

I’ve been catchin’ up on some blog reading and hanging out with Lucy Dog but now it’s time to go do some meal plannin’ for the weekend and next wee (including trying some of the new fall veggies!) and also “concoct” (that sounds scary haha) tonight’s dinner.  Here are the ingredients I’m thinkin’ are goin’ in the mystery dish

  • whole wheat tortillas
  • ground turkey
  • sliced mushrooms
  • sliced olives
  • chili peppers from garden
  • corn
  • onion
  • sofrito
  • cheddar cheese

Can you guess where I’m headed with this one?!?! 😉

What a great way to use up the loose ends I have in the kitchen before refreshing the stash tomorrow!

See ya’ll after dinner for a recap of how it turned out 🙂


8 responses to “Trader Joe’s pit-stop Surprise!

  1. foodieinthecity

    Whoohoo! I am so glad I have somebody else hooked on my creation 🙂

    Twas’ a long week. I will be relaxing with a glass or two of wine tonight, can’t wait to see how your dinner turns out.

    Btw, the caramel apple PB… looks oh so good. And no worries about the closest jar being an hour away, that is where I come in!

  2. balanceinbites

    I LOVE trader joe’s, much more than Whole Foods – unfortunately, TJs is waaaay out of my way, whereas WFs is right on my way home from work… it’s a bummer. I’ll just have to live vicariously through you =P

    -Allison (

  3. I miss TJs

    Currently rockin’ overall shorts from the good old Goodwill.Tucker’s 21st ‘goodwill’ party hahahha

    Had worst day ever today. Left my windows down in my car over night and it rained. Think I sprained my ankle on the way to class. Fail.

    I’m calling you this weekend to catch up. I have to skip the game tomorrow to study. Three tests + three interviews this week. Blah.

    Ps: hot choco icecream from Edys is GOOD STUFF. thats all

  4. yumm i need to jump on this pumpkin butta/cream cheese train! can’t wait to see how dinner turns out, have an amazing weekend! 🙂

  5. Ooooh trader’s my secret lover. Or not so secret. Anyways, I think you’re making enchiladas???

  6. I love Trader Joe’s but have to agree that Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s being right next to one another isn’t good for my wallet. But great for my belly. 🙂

    My guess for your dinner is taco salad.

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