3 cheers for chili!

Oh Sunday night, why must you be back already again?!  Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with this day :/ bc I sure do! On 1 hand I love that I have a full day of rest and relaxation with no work, on the other hand I know that the work week will begin tomorrow and makes me 😦  Ah well, life must go on!

So I spent the afternoon/evening over at The Man’s parents house watchin football chit chattin’ with the girls (his mom & his brother’s gf) while the men watched football…. 

When we arrived I spotted this “small” pot of chili on the stove cookin’ away — and by small I mean could feed a small country ha!

Chili bucket ;) ??

Chili bucket 😉 ??

There were also plenty of “man snacks” to go around — all the basic food groups were equally represented 😉



I came bearing gifts of the banana doughnut and pumpkin cookie sort — had to share these guys — but only a few *sigh* haha.  Then I was a bad gift giver and ate one to hold me over til din… hey, these things happen.
Dear pumpkin cookie, will you marry me?

Dear pumpkin cookie, will you marry me?

After some superfab girltalk time we worked up quite the appetite ….. and went inside to find the boys asleep?!?!?  Is this really what “watchin’ football” is all about …. hmmm I am beginning to get a tad suspicious!  Anyone ever notice that men can sleep forever — or am I generalizing here based on my boyfriend’s sleeping patterns?  Ah well, whatever makes him happy! 🙂


For din I fixed myself an awesome bowl of this homemade chili topped w/ tortilla chips, shredded cheddar, sour cream & black pepper (can’t live without it!).  Twas deelish!
Chili lurveee

Chili lurveee

I also had some of this over the course of the afternoon and with dinner…. however didn’t capture the pic till after the damage was done 😉
Spanish wine

Spanish wine

I picked this up at Total Wine the other night… tastes quite similar to sauvignon blanc which I love.  And yes, we have a random brick wall on the inside of our house (and no, it’s not an old house that would make sense to have such a thing like my downtown apartment had… but we love it anyway!)

Alrighty bloggies, time to relax and get to bed for the start of what is going to be a very busy work week for this lady. 

However I have a roadtrip planned next weekend with my best college gals so countdown to that begins tomorrow!  It’ll be like the first weekend The Man and I have spent apart since March (yes, we are that pathetic) so I think I am already starting to miss him now (don’t hate)…. :/ 

It will be fun though to catch up with my fave ladies and I think we are visiting a winery while we are there (you’ll just have to stay tuned as to where!)

Night friends!

12 responses to “3 cheers for chili!

  1. ohhh man snacks. My man can eat those snacks like they are goin out of business and is always ready for more. And sleeps like the dead. (but my man doesn`t want football) lol odd!

    That pumpkin cookie looks great! I made my own the other day 🙂 yum yum.

  2. That does look like such a hearty, yummy, and perfect Sunday night meal. I’m excited to hear more about your road trip!

  3. LOVE chili- so good in the fall. Very sweet of you to bring over treats.

    We passed through Richmond but the wedding was actually in Nova!

    • You were just an arm’s length away! I am headed up to Nova this weekend on my way to NJ to see some old college besties… the traffic up there makes me angry is all I have to say though haha :/ but I like to go there for a visit every once in a while 🙂 Glad you had a nice time!

  4. Mmmm, I love good chili. It’s perfect for the fall and football, of course! The pumpkin cookie looks mighty fine! Yum!

  5. Yum, that looks awesome. I plan on making chili next weekend! And, I am going to make meat sauce in a squash from your idea last week!!

  6. i feel the same way about Sundays! They go by way too fast.

  7. I always get the sunday night blues. At about 5pm they start to kick in. I like to stay up extra late on sundays just to make it seem like its not sunday! 🙂

  8. I completely agree about Sundays… love them and hate them at the same time.

    That chili looks awesome!

  9. I was laughing so hard at the lunch photo — I totally know the feeling. I am always hunched over my plates at work taking photos of food. People must think I am crazy!

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