Forget you Monday, it’s Beet-day in this house!

Hey hey my upbeat, Monday lovin’, can’t wait to get back to work bloggin’ friends!  Right? 😉

So any-who, hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend (I know I sure did!) and is starting off their week right.  This week at work I am focusing on my new project so it should make for a fly-by week — especially since I have my girls trip this weekend to look forward to with my fave college homiez (we go way back!)

But more on that to come…. didn’t think I was gonna spill the beans yet did ya?

I’ll start you off with this for some Monday inspiration…. I think it is just beautiful 🙂

“I take nothing for granted. I now have only good days, or great days. “
Lance Armstrong, famous cyclist

How is it that certain sayings can just be so inspirational and really warm the heart….?

Onto lunch, which today was another quick sammie wrap using the Lowfat Italian Flat Out, peppercorn turkey, mozz cheese and mustard (quick heat up in the toaster). 


To go with I had this soup (shocker eh? and no, I do not work for Campbells haha)


If you’re wondering why this is a staple for quick lunches for me, here’s the deal… it only costs $1.50 usually and check out the stats, which aren’t too shabby for a quick can of soup – minus the sodium level but personally I’m not too concerned with that


And obviously a pumpkin/cream cheese cookie (umm or 2 :/) and some hershey kisses!  I’d only love to guess what my co-workers think of me when I do this with my lunch eats haha


Fast lunch makes for faster “work gettin’ done” — and that’s how I roll!

And to keep with the positive vibes here peeps, how about we  forget all these Monday blues….?  ‘Cause today is beet-day in our house!  Yep, it’s time to start the fall veggie adventure with these guys after learning our beet ABC’s here last week!! 

What’s on the menu you say?  Here’s a sneak preview:

Lookin’ forward to this one folks…. but not before some much needed post-work Yoga to start off this fine week.  Quick tip:  I’m gonna roast the beets while I yoga it up so they are prepped and ready for me to cook once I start din! 

I suppose I shall take Lucy Dog for a walk as well since it’s forecasted to be 80 degrees today and sunny 🙂 

Oh, and check out who else got on the beet bandwagon!!  Homegirl over at SavvyEats has planned Beet Risotto in her menu plan for the week — I can’t wait to see the results!

Alrighty kiddos, time to get back to the grind, see ya tonight for Monday night football din recap! 😉


14 responses to “Forget you Monday, it’s Beet-day in this house!

  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I’m excited to see how the beets and feta dish goes!

    • No prob 😉 I’m excited to try them tonight, I wonder if my boyfriend is feeling the same way haha — he is not that adventurous in the veggie department but he’s learning!! 🙂

  2. I love that quote!!

    I have a bunch of beets in my fridge… I need to use them up so I think I’ll pickle them. They’re sooo good for you.

    • They really do have so many health benefits! This will be my first time making them myself though… so we’ll see how that goes?! Picklin’ them, sounds like that could be pretty yummy too 🙂

  3. that quote is great. i really need that right about now since im stressed to the max and sleep deprived! like richard used to tell me “you can sleep as much as you want when your dead” .. at least im maximizing my day hours!

    that picture of little lu makes me miss her so much 😦 i miss her prancin’ around the house. give her a hug for me!

    love ya sis

  4. Hellooooooooo from St. John, Canada! Just finished lunch and dad says to tell you he is looking forward to his lamb shank w/mint jelly tonite!

  5. Man I wish I was sharing your Monday enthusiasm…I’m just not feeling it today! At least the day is almost over 🙂

    I haven’t been brave enough to try beets yet…someday!

    • Gotta take the positive Mondays when I can get ’em right?! True that though to the day almost being over though, I love the feeling of getting off work, having a great workout and then a wonderful din with the man (minus the commute traffic home it’s almost perfect!) Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

  6. Dang, can I come eat at your house?! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see how the beets turn out….I’ve only had them pickled (YUMMM) but I love me some feta cheese.

  7. Your lunch looks fantastic! I love melted cheese and turkey on anything!

  8. what brand is your cast iron skillet? 🙂

    • Philippe Richard… never heard of this line of cookware however my bestie from college got it for me and I love it! I just looked it up online and looks like it’s a great price, mixed reviews but I’ve only had great experiences 🙂

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