Eating peanut butter under my desk?

Let’s get to the important stuff first bloggies… anyone ever done this before?

Yes, this totally happened.

Yes, this totally happened.

Last night I totally ate a piece of mozzarella cheese topped with peanut butter. Boo-yah!  That shizz was deelish.

Has anyone ever had pb/cheese?  Maybe I am just crazy – but I love it! I used to eat apples with pb & cheddar when I was younger, gettin’ my nostalgia on last night 😉

Anyways, so this morning I *gasp!* didn’t have oats for brekkie bc I decided to switch it up a bit…. yea, I know, rebel over here 🙂

Instead I had a most deliciously lovely bowl of these guys


with a sliced naner, 1% milk and a spoonful of this girl will obviously eat it on anything peanut butter.  Twas a yummy way to start a new day!

Runner up to oats ;)

Runner up to oats 😉

I also decided this morning that I would bring my best friend 4-evah PBLoco cookie dough peanut butter to work for a lovely afternoon jar eating event under my desk….. (Jenna would appreciate haha 😉 ) 

JK guys, I really don’t eat peanut butter under my desk so people don’t look at me funny and so I don’t further gross out my boss, or do I?

I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Well, Mr. PBLoco did not make it to the afternoon.  In fact, he didn’t even make it til 11am when I found a spoon and got my jar-eat on…. killed it.

twas a sad morning in this cubicle :(

twas a sad morning in this cubicle 😦

So long good friend…. until we meet again

I actually did do some work in between all this pb eating fun — lots of productivity goin’ on again this morning!  Soon enough it was lunchie time 🙂

The starting line-up:

Turkey sammie is back


Gettin’ my beet on


Some leftover canned pumpkin mixed with pumpkin pie spice & sf maple syrup


And of course, pumpkin cream cheese cookies!


Perfect lunch 🙂 Now I must go find some hershey kisses… bc that’s how I roll 😛

On tonight’s agenda is some sort of cardio workout, not sure exactly what yet but I’m just goin’ with the flow today peeps! 

Also, here’s an idea of the din tonight, which is using the swiss chard that I got from the farmer’s market (ABC’s!!)

  • Swiss chard gratin
  • Chicken tenderloins — gonna surprise myself with how I cook ’em… just wingin’ it (get it haha) – bad, I know 😉
  • Side noodle dish (tentative, in case the Man despises the chard :/)

Alright bloggertons, gotta get back to the grind, meetings all afternoon then another wonderful night at home with my fave peeps/dogs/foods!!!



18 responses to “Eating peanut butter under my desk?

  1. I can not say that I have ever eaten PB with cheese. I have eaten PB with a lot of things, though. Since I don’t eat dairy now, I guess I will never get the pleasure 😀

  2. Hahaa. love the cheese and PB combo- have yet to try it!
    Dinner sounds fantastic- good for you to keep planning and cooking!

  3. oh my I saw your post title over on eating RD and had to come by! I am a nut butter fiend!! I have resorted to eating someone else’s jiffy at work..and I don’t even like Jiffy but I need a fix 🙂

  4. foodieinthecity

    God we are pathetic, lol. Who eats peanut butter out of the jar like us at work? Got to love it.

    SO SAD that your jar is gone, but that means one step closer to an exchange 🙂

  5. Can’t say I ever had cheese and PB before… I can’t eat either due to food sensitives Though I used to eat goat cheese – though still no PB. Though sounds interesting! I think for PB lovers it can pretty much go on anything!

    • I have actually never tried goat cheese – I really should but something about it freaks me out (why, I have no idea?) …. I need to just get past that and try it already though, bc all I hear are wonderful things!

  6. PB and CHEESE! Of Course I have done that. Have you ever wrapped a banana in cheese and then smeared peanut butter on it (or the other way I think) whatever. you get the idea. It’s awesome either way and I am so glad that you agree!

  7. I’m obsessed with the Choc Chip Cookie Dough Peanut Butter too!! HOWEVER…girl, have you tried the naturally nutty stuff?? I can’t find it anywhere in RIC, but I ordered a 3 pack of the pb’s online – white chocolate coconut, vanilla, and butter toffee! TO.DIE.FOR. different that the PB Loco stuff – but sooo goooooooood! especially on oatmeal 🙂

    • oh. em. gee. just went to their website, this stuff looks fantastic! i think i like the white chocolate coconut pb the best… was it insanely good?!?! thanks SO much for the info, i may have to try some of this stuff out 🙂 you rock!

      • that is the ONE that I haven’t opened yet! I have, um, probably 6 different kinds open at any given time so I decided to hold back on the white choc coconut until I can get rid of a few jars 😛 Open right now: vanilla pb, butter toffee pb, PB2, dark chocolate pb, raw almond butter, crunchy almond butter, skippy natural…oops there’s 7 🙂

        the PB2 is good also, but I rarely use it unless i mix it with vanilla greek yogurt or in a smoothie. I don’t really think it’s worth the cost once you add on shipping.

  8. My cookie dough PB is almost gone as well 😦 Will be a sad sad day.

  9. PB + cheese?! Ahhh…my two loves come together! LOL I will have to try that. While no one is looking, but I will definitely try. 🙂

  10. let me get this straight.. you topped your cheese with peanut butter??? I’m in love with you.

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