Swiss chard + Parm = <3

Hello fellow blog-a-licious friends!  How is everyone doing tonight?  Is it just me or has this been the longesttttt day ev-ah?!  Ah well, as the story goes…. well, don’t really know how that story goes but what-ev — moving on!

After a long day at work (it’s been busy peeps) I finally made it home and knew that I needed to squeeze in some form of cardio today.  So guess what I did — this actually is really unlike moi! – went on a run/walk around the neighborhood!!! 🙂 

  1. First off, it was gorgeous outside today and after the day I had I knew I needed some fresh air like woah! 
  2. Secondly, Lucy Dog was looking at me with those precious dog eyes sayin “please take me outside lady, pleaseeeee!” 
  3. Third of all, I had some serious energy to burn off after today and I knew that an at-home routine just wasn’t gonna cut it!

So I did what I wanted, cause that’s what I do (yea right).  Lucy Dog and I went about 1.5 miles, which peeps, for us is good stuff.

I always tell everyone that I could do cardio/kickboxing/bootcamp classes for a solid hour or Shred at level 3 and love every second, hardly ever getting uncomfortably winded…. however running seems to knock the breath right outta me.  I don’t know why, but the dear Lord never meant for this lady to be a runner!  However, I gave it my best shot, and it felt GREAT!  So that’s all that matters in the end folks, right? 😉

I rounded the corner of our street to see a stud muffin mowing our lawn whoop whoop!  It was The Man peeps, silly friends 🙂  So that was my queue to get started on some dinner!

First up was the Swiss Chard Gratin!!!  I got this recipe from the Whole Foods website – check it out here

I actually somewhat closely followed the recipe for once (haha) — only changes were :

  • using 1 1/2 bunches of swiss chard instead of 2
  • using 1/8 cup bread crumbs
  • swiss chard took a bit longer to cook down than they said
  • cheese sauce took a bit longer to thicken up than they said
  • didn’t combine the chard/cheese sauce before putting into the baking dish but instead just poured cheese over top.  

Here goes!

1. Cook swiss chard (wash and chop, leaves only) in 1 cup water over medium heat about 10 min — check out the how crazy this cooks down!  Then drain, set aside 1/4 cup of cooking liquid.




Where'd it go?!

Where'd it go?!

2. Make cheese sauce by melting 1 tblsp butter in 1 tblsp olive oil.  Slowly whisk in 2 tblsp flour for ~1 minute.  Then slowly add 1 cup milk and reserved cooking liquid, continuously whisking.  Add 1/4 cup Parm a few minutes in.  This took about 8 minute to thicken up.  Season w/ salt/pepper.


What else can I put this sauce on yum?!??!

3.  Assemble for baking (@350F for about 20 minutes).  Spoon swiss chard into baking dish.  Pour cheese sauce on top.


Sprinkle another 1/4 cup Parm cheese and 1/4 cup bread crumbs on top.step2

4.  After 20 minutes here’s what you get!

Bubbly cheesy goodness!

Bubbly cheesy goodness!

 Best part of this dish (aside from the phenomenal flavor?!) — only 140 cals per serving!  🙂

I loved this recipe — in fact I am already thinking of what else I can put this sauce on haha.  The chard was lovely too, althought The Man was not a fan 😦  However I totally dug it, and will make it again…. sorry dude 😉

To go with this I also made some chicken tenderloins marinated in these guys (just mix some of the seasoning with some EVOO and water, let chicken soak it up for 20 minutes or so)


After a cook through in a skillet (medium heat) here’s what ya get!


And because I am such a good girlfriend (hope The Man is reading… mwuhaha!) I made some butter/Parm bowtie noodles just in case he didn’t like the swiss chard….. and these actually turned out really good! I like the simplicity of this side dish, and I def had a few with my din 🙂

Here was the plate

Awesome combo of flavors

Awesome combo of flavors

So what are my thoughts you ask?  Check it peeps 🙂

  1. The swiss chard gratin was amazing, served piping hot it was deliciously healthy cheesy Godness goodness.  I want to make this for my parent ASAP, they would love it! 
  2. The parm/butter noodles were a fabulous last minute side dish, very flavorful and deelish (almost had a nutmeg flavor?)
  3. The seasoning on the chicken is always a great taste – never fails
  4. Overall I just loved the combination of all these flavors — each dish complimented the others perfectly! 🙂

Happy, full girl 🙂  Butttttttt not too full for some of the infamous COCONUT M&M’S that the fabulous Brandi sent to me a few days back…..

….. holy crap I HAVE to find these immediately…. I am rationing them out right now to me and The Man bc they are so good 😦 Brandi, you rock!

K, well gonna go hide the M&M’s from myself in hopes that they will last more than a night and also get to some google reader!   I’ll leave you with this funny from The Man tonight:

“What’s in that grizz grizz you are making?”

HAHAHA I coulda fallen over laughing…. he was referring to the swiss chard — yea, I don’t know but I love him bc he cracks me up! 

Have a great night peeps 🙂 !!


14 responses to “Swiss chard + Parm = <3

  1. That swiss chard sounds awesome. I wonder if I could de-gluten/non dairy that one up??

    Lucky girl on those m&m’s, isn’t Brandi the sweetest??

  2. wow this looks absolutely amazing!! I love creamy cheese sauces 🙂 Add pasta and some chicken and you sure have a winner!

  3. Mmmm – that looks amazing!!! I am copying and pasting now. Does chard have a strong taste, like kale?? What a funny word – chard. I know, I’m 5. 🙂

    • to tell you the truth, i have never liked kale. my dad used to make it all the time and it grossed me out, so i haven’t had it in ages (bad blogger haha). the chard was not too strong for me, almost had a spinach-like taste? the cheese sauce sealed the deal, i really liked the two together. hey, chard sounds better than what my boyfriend called it: grizz grizz?? he wouldnt stop saying that all night hahaha men are weirdos 😉

  4. wow, that gratin sounds amazing! I love swiss chard and am always looking for new ways to use it.

    Glad you liked the m&ms! So good, right?!?

    • Ummmm I literally was rationing them to me and The Man (he will eat the whole bag without realizing and I was NOT about to let that happen!) I’m proud to say we have half a bag left for tonight 🙂 Thanks again for those, now I gotta go on a coconut hunt to find these things haha!

  5. I hear you! I have a hard time running too! It kicks my butt! I can go so hard lifting doing cardio everything, but running is hard stuff!! i’ve never had swiss chard, what even is it?

  6. Ummm I could definitely eat swiss chard drowned in cheese like that…yum!

  7. the word chard always makes me laugh .. is that just me? yes, I suppose so. Nevertheless, aside from it’s silly name it looks vundahhhful in your dish! nommmy nommy!

    • hahaha i know, it makes me laugh too — what was even funnier was that my boyfriend called it grizz grizz for some reason (yea, no clue?!) — talk about weird words and weirdos! it was sooooo good though, whatever you call it!

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