A sneak peak…

….at where I am going to be spending some time this weekend with 3 of my BEST college girlfriends (when I’m not in the car that is!)



I’ll give ya’ll some more hints as we near the weekend 😉

Brekkie this morning was back to my trusty oats – this time with banana, pb, chia seeds and agave — ahhh an oldy but a goody!  It was brrrrr at 57 on the way to work (I get to walk 5 blocks in along the river, winds can be chill-ay!!) so those oats were a great choice!

I bet it’s gonna be even colder however where I’m gonna be this weekend 😉  gahhh hint 2 escaped!

I was really excited about lunch today peeps, as it featured my leftover swiss chard from last night and a “chicken transformed”!

Started with a flat out + melted mozz –> toaster oven style


Microwaved some of this good stuff


Put the chicken on top


And rolled ‘er up served with some mustard!  “Chard” on the side 😉


With the extra pieces of toasted wrap I decided to do some dippin’ action — kinda like spinach dip — twas deelish!


Then the last of these soldiers were consumed 😦 Another sad day for this gal…..


Ahhh stuffed 🙂

Well, another busy afternoon awaits! 

After work I am making a pitstop at Whole Foods for some road trip essentials (larabars, individual size oats, etc…. hey, I like to prepared!!!) and then I am making the fabulous Lauren’s SENSATIONAL STUFFED SPUDS for din tonight!!!

Think sweet potatoes, avocado, tomatoes, white beans galore 🙂  I’m pumped!

I can’t wait to see how they turn out…

We may also be doing some errand running to pick up a new master bedroom rug, but we’ll see if that comes through…

Last thing before I go, wanted to tell ya’ll that last night I received the most wonderful email from Lori over at Pure2Raw in regards to the Yoga.Fitness.Plus practice I had tried and posted the other night (which was fantastically awesome btw!)  She gave it a whirl and really enjoyed it too, I just LOVE getting wonderful emails from you guys and hers really made my night  🙂

With that being said, you bloggies rock my world (!!) and I hope each and every one of you has a FANTASTIC day!


9 responses to “A sneak peak…

  1. I am going to Whole Foods tonight, too. Maybe we will bump into each other!

  2. Have fun at Whole Foods, that can be a dangerous place for me!!! Thanks for shout out!! 🙂 Looks like you are going to have a wonderful weekend! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  3. your lunch definitely outshines the plain turkey and laughing cow combo I rocked today.. le sigh.

  4. foodieinthecity

    WHOLE FOODS!!! I could definitely sit in there all day and just do nothing… thats how pathetic I am.

  5. Oooh weekend getaways. Love that! I am heading to Maine to visit family this weekend and I am bummed that the forecast looks like rain. Hope it’s nice wherever you end up going. Love the look of that “chard”, aren’t left overs the greatest 🙂 ?

    • I’ll be up north a bit, but not quite that far! I hope that the forecast changes for you though :/ Leftovers rock, I get so excited for lunch when I pack something awesome from the night before!

  6. Thats a wrap that I’d love to dig into right now.

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