Christopher’s Runawayyyy Gourmet!

Hey hey hey bloggertons, well I’m all packed up and ready to go!  We’re gettin on the road in about an hour once Stine gets here… gettin’ my last pre-trip bloggie post in beforehand 🙂

First off, you friends rock, I loved  all your awesome comments about my potential hair style change!  And guess what, I am totally with ya’ll — the long hair is coming back 🙂  I am ready for a change, and I miss my ponytail haha.

So that’s that…..

Now for a lunch recap — I decided to take a walk to one of my fave street carts today — Christopher’s Runaway Gourmet!

These peeps make hands down THE BEST chicken salad I have ever had in my life.  Ever.  And I got my craving for it today (usually comes every couple weeks?)

Check out their fan-freakin-tastic menu


I decided on

  • tarragon chicken salad w/ golden raisins (!!)
  • marinated cucumbers
  • mixed fruit 

The awesome peeps also throw in a HUGE chunk of french bread to go with, and I got a DC (diet coke) for some afternoon energy — yep!

brown baggin' it?

brown baggin' it?

Yes please.

Yes please.

In <3

In ❤

All for $6.00!!!! Yea, pretty incredible 😛

It was just as food-tastically amazing as I remember…. gahhhh soooo good!!!

There may or may not have been some form of chocolate post-meal 😉

On the way home from an early afternoon at work, I stopped off at the one and only Ukrops (local grocery chain) to hit up the bank (no, not rob it….) and get The Man some “manfood” for while I was gone — he deserves it!

Man food heaven?

Man food heaven?

Hopefully he will be a happy, and full, camper while I’m away…. although I am sure his belly may be full of liquids instead throughout the weekend since a few of his college buddies are coming up to visit 😉

Alright you bloggin’ besties…. I am OFF!!! I can’t wait to see ya’ll from New Jersey tonight — I would LOVE to do a roadtrip recap but we shall see how late us ladies arrive! 

In any case, be on the lookout for major winery adventures tomorrow 🙂  Rain or shine, should be a fantastic day!!!


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