Stretchy pants & old spaghetti?!

Hello friday bloggie bloggertons!!!!  So the end of the week is finally here, and my oh my what a difference a night of sleep will make…. this lady feels revived and out of my funk from yesterday (grrrr that was not fun!)

But today is a new day — and I am a firm believer in starting things fresh 🙂

So with that said, I suppose it’s time to let all you friends know what’s up with this weekend?!?!?!?!?

You bloggies are so smart 😉 you guessed it — I’m headed up north with my besties from college and we’re visiting a winery!!! 

warwick1   warwick2   warwick3

But that is not the main reason for this trip of course 😉

Here’s the low down:  my 4 years at JMU (yea purple & gold!) I made some of the best friends I have ever had — including my 2 roomies (Kerri and Kristine) and our may-as-well-be-a-roomie (Laura).  It has probably been 2 years since ALL of us have gotten together — so this weekend we are packin’ up and headed to……. NEW JERSEY!!!

Stine's wedding 2007 - Kerri on left, Laura 2nd left, me in blue

Stine's wedding 2007 - Kerri on left, Laura 2nd left, me in blue

You see, Kerri lives in NJ (right by the NY state line) & no one has seen her in forever (is she still alive ;)?)  Kristine (aka “Stine”) lives in the Richmond area and Laura lives in D.C. and I definitely don’t get to see them enough! 

So Kristine and I are headed outta Richmond and meeting up with Laura in D.C. who will then drive us up to Hewitt, NJ.  7 hours on the ol’ mapquest, so it’s gonna be a doozy! 

East coast tour?

East coast tour?

However Kerri is lucky enough to live close to many wineries and we are going to visit one called the Warwick Winery!  I am so excited, bc as we all know…. I LOVE WINE!

Steph & Jess (our other bestie) in back, Kerri front left, Stine front right

Steph & Jess (our other bestie) in back, Kerri front left, Stine front right

But before I go any further, let me take a brief minute to tell 2 of my fave college late night stories — which so conveniently involve 2 of these individuals 😉

One night in college…..

  • some stupid girls were saying stupid things to our group o’ gals and we were in a classy screaming match, at which point Stine (who is about 4’11”) says to me “Don’t you worry Steph, I have my stretchy pants on!” as she high kicks her leg in the air (she once was a gymnast) in an attempt to show me how she may kick some butt in her “stretchy pants”….?
  • Kerri came upstairs from the neighbors down below with a pot of meat spaghetti (she’s a veg) and says to me “want to try this, it’s sooooo good” — I look at this pot of sghetti and immediately ask where this had come from, which in return Kerri proceeds to tell me she made it.  So I stick a fork in and it is hard as a rock… why you ask? It was day old spaghetti that had sat out that Kerri found at the neighbors house… and took…. no words?
Laura, me and other besties last summer @ OBX

Laura, me and other besties last summer @ OBX


So there you have it!

I may be a lil’ off the normal bloggin’ schedule this weekend due to my travels — however don’t you doubt that I will have FULL recaps of our adventures for all you friends as we go along!! 🙂 I wouldn’t leave ya hangin’ like that 😉

Oh – and in other big news – I am seriously contemplating growing my hair back out!

I have been thinking about it for a while now, and after seeing all these pix I really think that’s how I like it best (not to mention I miss my ponytail 😦 )

Do you guys think I should keep it short or grow it back out?? Would love to get some opinions!!

Alright peeps, gotta get to work here but I will definitely see you before I leave for a lunch recap!!! 🙂



7 responses to “Stretchy pants & old spaghetti?!

  1. I like to change it up every now and then so I would say grow it back out! My hair has actually been really long for a while now and I think it’s time for a cut!

  2. Have a safe trip and enjoy the weekend!!

    • Thanks!! 🙂 Gonna be sunny and gorgeous here I hear…. gonna miss that I guess :/ but hopefully things go well on our trip and we have a great time (def recaps to come fo’ sure)!!

  3. Have a great time! I’ve never been to a winery but it sounds so fun! Drinking wine all day? Yes! I’d say change it up and grow it out too even though I like it both ways!

  4. Ahh – just went to a winery last weekend! I think my love for wine might be growing. 🙂

    I say grow it out! Well, I’m partial to long hair so maybe don’t listen to me, LOL. But it might be kinda fun for something different?

    Have a great time with your besties this weekend!!

    • So fun isn’t it?! I adore wine… it’s bad haha!
      I think I am ready for a hair style change up for sure — I had my hair long ALL my life til’ I took the plunge last spring and chopped it… but I think I am ready to go back, I miss my hair and ponytails!! 🙂 Have a fantastic weekend 🙂

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