Vino tastin’ + apple pickin’!

Today = success! 🙂

Event #1  Warwick Winery in Warwick, New York

JMU Girls — we were ready rain or shine 😉


Few mile drive to the winery — crossin’ into NY


Farmhand Laura?


Time for some tastin’!!


Here were the players


My faves? #1, #3 and #5 🙂 Soooooooo good.

After the tasting we staked out a table outside and ordered some food.  This place was packed peeps, live music and fun all around 🙂 ! 

Their menu was incredible, check out just some of the choices



We were def checkin’ out the food as it was rollin’ out…. oh yea



I chose the Roasted Veggie Pizza!!


It was incredibly deelish…. pizza in VA just never measures up, sorry state o’ mine 😉

We got a few bottles of the Hard Apple Cider and split it amongst us…


…. then went for some Pinot Gris


SO GOOD!!! I ended up buying a bottle of the hard apple cider & pinot noir (this was AMAZING too!)

After a beautiful afternoon sipping wine and eating delicious food, we decided to go to a local farm and pick apples (and some other fun stuff!)

Event #2:  apple picking

They had many diff types to pick from – Kerri and I split 1/4 bushel worth 🙂


Apple hunt?


Of course you had to have an apple picker!!


Quick snack eh?


So now I have a ton of apples to bring home, some fresh green beans and poblano peppers too!! Yes please 🙂

Was it a good day peeps?!


Oh yea…. 😉

Time to go grill up some terryaki flank steaks and zucchini after we finish munchin’ on this cheese/cracker platter….

Life is good!

See you tomorrow peeps and enjoy Saturday 🙂


8 responses to “Vino tastin’ + apple pickin’!

  1. You ladies look great! Hope this is the start of many more regular get togethers. Have more fun and hello to all.

  2. pizza and wine — not gonna lie, I’m feelin’ a little bitter over here 😉

  3. That pizza looks to die for! I’ve been craving good pizza lately so badly! We should make some of your good pizzas when I come home 🙂

    So glad you got to meet up wtih the girls. I know your having a good time! I’m so glad also that I’m done with my ‘not so fun week’ Thanks for dealing with me these past few days as I vented 🙂

    PS I got the cutest dress today from Old Navy- 15 dollars! It’s adorable adn something you would love.

    Missing you already…..I’m thinking about hitching a ride with trev home maybe in the next two weeks

    love you tons

  4. What a fun way to spend a Saturday!

  5. What a FUN day! Apple picking, wine AND pizza?! Yes please!

  6. foodieinthecity

    Oh my goodness!!! It looks like so much fun 🙂 I am glad you are having a good weekend with your girlfriends!

  7. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I loveee me some good wine!

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