We made it!

So we made it up to NJ around midnight last night peeps!!!

But not before I left some secret notes for The Man…


Then Stine and I hit the road and saw some fun sights!


Ummm shoes tied to the car – yea not sure?


We picked up Laura in D.C.


and started some munchin’ on these deelish cookies that Stine made! (coconut, dried fruit, white chocolate – yes please.)


Made a quick pit stop for some din — Sbarro style


Stine didn’t have a knife to cut the hunk o’ chicken on her caesar salad – twas quite amusing haha


We were tired ladies when we got in…however still managed to stay up late catching up πŸ˜‰ I am a tired girl today!Β  However nothing a bowl of these guys can’t fix (check out the super-cute bowl!)


Time to get ready and wake up bc it’s time to go explore New Jersey!!! Hopin’ the rain holds out so we can go to the winery for a bit and check that out πŸ™‚

Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday!


7 responses to “We made it!

  1. Have fun exploring NJ today!

  2. foodieinthecity

    Have fun today!!!!

  3. damn stan! where did you get that paper? the world’s largest notebook!?

    Have a great day CF! xo

  4. Your note is too cute!! Love it!!

    And, um, shoes tied to a car? Looks like something I’d see in Indiana?

    Hope you’re having a great time!

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