Where’d she go?!


I am so sorry for going completely m.i.a. today but phewwwww I was in the car from 8:30am til almost 4:30pm and finally got done with some grocery shoppin’ so let’s just say it was a longggg day!

Anywho, the trip was soooo much fun, it was absolutely wonderful to see my best college girlfriends and so much fun to remember old, crazy times!  Of course, the winery and the farm were spectacular as well — added bonus!

Last night we had some grilled terryaki steak and grilled zucchini + olive bread to finish of the day.  It was lovely! (sorry no pix, bad blogger 😉 )

Today’s ride home was good, no traffic which was amazingly awesome considering we were basically traveling down the whole north east coast via I-95 which is usually a freakin’ train (??) wreck of some sort!

Check out what Stine gave me from her garden too (ummm need any peppers haha?)


So now I have

  • fresh “Stine picked” banana peppers
  • fresh “Steph picked” string beans
  • fresh “Steph picked” poblano peppers
  • fresh “Steph picked” apples




Does life get any better? 😉

I decided to plan some meals this week around these guys…. had plenty of time in the car to do some note-taking, that’s for sure!  Here is what’s on the meal agenda this week, which is going to be a very busy week for me so keeping it pretty simple this time around…..

  • apricot curry pork chops + fresh picked NY green beans
  • mexican tortilla “cups” with beans, cheese & salsa
  • spanish rice with chicken & fresh picked NY poblanos covered in enchilada sauce

Think that should do!  Apparently I am on a Mexican kick this week though??  And check out what I picked up for a fast din tonight (yea, this hardly ever happens but I am just not up to cooking tonight peeps, too tired :/)


Gonna top these bad boys with some salsa + sour cream to make ’em extra yummy 😛

Alright bloggie buddies… I gotta get to some laundry and some catchin’ up on what you fabulous peeps did this weekend too (hello google reader!) — I’ve missed you all 🙂


8 responses to “Where’d she go?!

  1. foodieinthecity

    No worries, you were M.I.A. and HAVING A BLAST!

    Love all of the fresh produce you got 🙂

    Welcome back dear!

  2. as long as you were having a good time I forgive you for your MIAness 🙂 though I have to say, I’m glad your back!

  3. mmmmmmmmmmm fresh apples. So glad you had a fun weekend 😉

  4. Your fresh produce for the week looks awesome, as do the menu items for the week!

    Thanks for the sweet & supportive comments you left on my blog… you are the best!

  5. hungryhoneybee

    Those are some yummy sounding meals! I know those all day in the car days, and don’t worry, you deserve a quick and easy (but tasty looking) dinner!

  6. Glad you arrived home safe and sound! Your meal plan sounds great!

  7. the meal plan sound great! Glad you had a good weekend and got home safely!

  8. Hey at least you had an excuse for going MIA. I didn’t 🙂

    Still glad you’re back though! Shoot girl you can have Mexican every night of the week if that’s what your little heart desires…

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