Yoga = positivity

Good evening bloggin’ sensations 🙂  snazzy eh? 😉

Hope everyone got their week off to a good start!  I know that I had a very long day but am really looking forward to some QT at the homestead with The Man tonight…. which leads me into this lil’ lovely:

Thanks to the fab PBJenny’s awesome inspiration, I have decided to take part “Make It Happen Monday” because (1) she rocks and (2) this idea is fab and (3) I know the perfect place for this opportunity in my life right now!

My goal this week?  To spend more quality time with my boyfriend and less time with technology (i.e. computer/tv) each and every night.

See friends, this week is a very long week at work for me, and I know it’s going to be very tight with time each night when I get home…. therefore between exercising plans, meal prep, tv shows and blogging…. I know that time may be crunched to fit everything in – and first and foremost I think that sometimes we, or at least I, forget that the ones we love in our lives should always come first and choosing to neglect that and prioritize differently can sometimes be the wrong decision overall.

Of course this does not  mean that I won’t be cooking, blogging (no way!) but what it does mean is that meals are going to be simple this week, blogs may be a bit shorter and some tv shows may have to go to the back burner….

…. so for tonight I have decided to curl up with my handsomest and watch his fave football team play instead of tuning into Gossip Girl (gasp!).  Since I have to get to bed early I don’t want to spend my whole night upstairs watchin’ tv by my lonesome, but instead curled up on our couch with him.  So that’s that 🙂 and I’m loving it already!

Onto workout time — which was a superfab sesh of Yoga.Fitness.Plus. with Elise Gulan.  It was simply this:  amazing. 

Yoga really centers & calms me, I don’t know how I lived my life without before I started.  Really.  Coming from a very “type A” personality & someone who really has a tough time “just relaxin” – yoga offers me more peace of mind than anything I can imagine.  And not to mention the excellent toning benefits!  You can actually do this practice right online with Elise! Check it out here.

Then I got crackin’ on dinner!

  • Apricot curry pork chops (thin)
  • Fresh picked green beans
  • Sauteed banana peppers w/ mexican cheese (last minute addition!)

First I sliced up a few of the 900 banana peppers that Stine gave me from her garden 😉 whoop whoop!  Then sauteed them in some EVOO until they got tender and started to ‘char’ a bit. 


After this I topped them with some shredded cheddar/monteray jack blend. HOLY YUM… best last minute side dish ev-ah 🙂


On a side note, does anyone have a recipe suggestion for the mountain of banana peppers I have acquired? I really hate to see them go to waste, they are so gorgeous! Any help would be much welcomed 🙂

Then it was time to make the apricot curry pork… recipe from this guy which I randomly found this weekend


Easiest. Recipe. Ever.

Key players

Curry powder, apricot spread, balsamic, salt, pepper

Curry powder, apricot spread, balsamic, salt, pepper

All you gots to do is sprinkle the curry powder, salt and pepper on both sides of the pork.  Then cook them in a skillet (coat with cooking spray) for about 4 minutes each side til done — mine were thin so it was fast.


Then combine the balsamic and apricot spread (I also added a touch of agave).  Remove the pork from the pan, add the jam mixture so it heats through (about 1 minute).  Place the chops back in the pan and coat with the sauce — voila! 🙂

Lastly came the fresh beans, which I just steamed in about an inch of water for  3 minutes (covered)


Here was the final product!


Overal verdict??? WINNER!!!

  • pork recipe was awesome, the tangy curry + balsamic with the sweet apricot and agave was perfect! plus soooo easy 🙂
  • green beans were awesomely fresh and deelish
  • banana peppers w/ cheese will be made again promptly haha bc it was soooo good!

Now we are baking up some of the freshly picked apples in foil packets w/ brown sugar and cinnamon, thanks to the superfab idea from my homegirl over at LeLe Lurves Plants!!  Probably gonna drench some vanilla ice cream with these guys 🙂

Life is sweet 🙂  Time to go hang out with my man…. I’ll get ya’ll a pic of the apple goodness tomorrow, don’t worry! Night everyone!


20 responses to “Yoga = positivity

  1. Dinner looked great…enjoy the night! FYI, talked dad into another cruise Nov 29…too good to pass up! Details later….

    • you are officially the crusin’ fanatic haha…. is that thanksgiving though? also, let me know when you think we should get serious about booking the january belize one too… bc we are totally up for that! 🙂 ill call you tomorrow, love you!

      • Cruise leaves the Sunday after Thanksgiving…I most certainly checked that out before I made decision!

  2. this meal looks awesome. I love curry and adding apricot preserves and balsamic must only make it better. Also I’ve never seen banana peppers except for at Subway on a sandwich, I must get my hands on some so I can recreate your delicious meal.

    • I wished you lived nearby bc I seriously have probably 50 peppers on my hands and would love to give you some! Ah well, if you can find them I highly recommend trying them 🙂

  3. Your dinner looks scrumptious! And I totally agree with your philosophy of trying to spend more time with your love and less time with your computer. I’m trying to do the same!

  4. I love the idea of Make it Happen Monday! I will try to remember that next week…I’ll try to….not be in a bad mood ’cause it’s a Monday? 😉

    mmmm I had baked apples last night – UHmazing!!!

  5. Gosh, I feel you on the technology thing. I am starting to feel like I get so sucked into computer time that I don’t have time to do the things that I really want to do.

    Your dinner looks awesome!

  6. i love easy recipes like that 🙂

    hope you had a good night with your man!

  7. Yay for yoga 🙂 It does wonders. Dinner looks fantastic- simple meals are always the best!

  8. savoringsarah

    Apricot & curry?! YUMMM putting that on my to-make list!!!

    As far as banana peppers go…hmmm…I would stuff those bad boys!

    • It was an awesome combo! As for stuffing the peppers, you think that a cream cheese based stuffing would be good or any other suggestions?? I have soooo many of these things hahaha 🙂

      • savoringsarah

        MMM! yes…any type of cheese actually..and some turkey sausage or ground turkey/beef/chicken…?

        Or some chopped shrimpies/Krab w/ cream cheese or any other easily melted cheese.

  9. ah yayyy thanks for the shout girl! I have definitely neglected my boyfriend and fam due to blogging – NOT COOL. This weekend I’m going up to see my man and making it a point not to bring my computer with me! woo for love 🙂

  10. Great post…. I totally agree. I don’t spend a lot of time with my man either… though we both have extremely busy schedules. But putting loved one first is key to happiness! And yoga of course and good food!! LOL. I think your goal is a great one that we could all follow!

  11. Stine of the banana peppers

    I was hoping to see more banana pepper recipes here, but oh well. Not the most popular ingredient, but they grow like weeds! And yes, stuff them! I brown bacon, crumble it, saute some small diced onion (let all of it cool) mix with ricotta, parmesan, salt, pepper, and parsley and stuff em. Bake at 350 for about 20 min. theyre yummy.

    • Hahaha I love the author title!!!! I actually froze the suckers so am planning them into next week’s menu… my mom sent me a buffalo chicken stuffed recipe to try! I like your idea too…. hmmm J would love the bacon part for sure 🙂 I have had a rough/busy week with work, so dinners with minimal prep time have been crucial… but don’t you worry missy, you WILL be seeing more use of these things in the very near future!!! Hope all is well my lil’ lady!

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