Tostada Cups it is!!!

So what did I decide for tonight’s dinner….?? Yep, you bloggies were on the right track again!

Tostada cups! 🙂

But first, quick gym recap.  I ended up doing 30 minutes on the elliptical (w/ arms) and chatting it up with my new homegirl  Tiffany.  It was a great workout – level 13 kicked my butt!

Nowwwwww onto the dinner 😉

The Man and I got home about the same time so we decided to do the cooking together, I love when he helps me! 

Here were the tostada cup ingredients


  • wheat tortillas
  • refried beans
  • salsa
  • shredded cheese
  • sour cream
  • cooking spray

Just place the tortillas in a muffin pan (coat with cooking spray) and bake for about 8 minutes at 400F until mostly crispy to make the tostada shells… The Man made these beauties! 


Then add the beans (I heated these up in a pot with some salsa stirred in before spooning in the shells, however this does not make for a picturesque snapshot haha)




 Shredded cheese


 Bake for another 7 minutes or so until cheese is melted and tortilla shells are crisp.….. and voila!!


Insta-healthy-tostada cups!! 🙂  I could be in

I also made round #2 of the banana peppers w/ mexican cheese from last night…. told you I liked these guys!  Check out the vibrant colors on this beautimous pepper


 Serve it up….


Add some sour cream


Get in my belly!!!  It was a pretty darn good dinner.  And from initial prep time to eating to clean up this only took about an hour – score!

Well kiddos, just as I wrote about in last night’s blog, I am really focusing on spending less time with technology this week (including the computer *gasp*!) so I am outta here…. sorry to keep it short but I have a hot date sitting next to me that I must devote my attention to 🙂   Thanks again to the lovely PBJenny for this fantastic Monday initiative!

I  know that you fabulous peeps understand!

I’ll leave you with this superfab dessert we just whipped up using these guys


Melted in microwave for about 45 seconds to make topping….


… yes please.

See ya’ll tomorrow for humpday!! And phew, this week is already a doozy so I am ready for it. No doubt 🙂

You guys rock, have a superfab night! 


14 responses to “Tostada Cups it is!!!

  1. foodieinthecity

    Tostada cups= genius idea!!! Those look fan-fricken-tastic! Mike would die and go to heaven.

    Your dessert looks nummy too! I can’t decide what I want for dessert, ohhh the choices.

    I should get off of the computer too. Must go read.. now!

    • They were pretty darn good, got the idea outta one of my mom’s cookbooks!! I also had a small hershey’s dark chocolate too haha 😉 bc I couldn’t decide either!

  2. I love the idea of tostada cups – they look terrific!

  3. These little guys are so cute! What a healthy twist on the tortilla shell!

  4. What an awesome idea! I still haven’t made those 🙂 Love the dessert.

  5. Ahhh – those tostado cups look amaze!! Did you come up with those or are those a real thing? (I don’t get out much). 🙂

    And dark chocolate spread, whaaaat?!

    • I actually found the idea in one of my mom’s magazines —- woman’s day or something of that sort?! Then just modified the filling how I wanted it! 🙂

  6. what a great dinner! I need to try making some tostada cups.

  7. Those look amazing! I love all the ingredients and am always looking for a new way to serve them. Thanks for the idea! 🙂

  8. What a fabulous idea! You just decided what’s on the dinner menu tonight! I’m so excited 🙂

  9. I made these, and they were fantastic! The boyfriend loved them as well 🙂

    I see that you plan out fabulous meals for the week (which what I should be doing right now!), but I was just curious where do you get all these yummy recipes?

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed them!!

      As far as meal planning, I have been reading cookbooks and watching foodtv for as long as I remember (outta control!) – so my inventory of recipes is probably insanely outta control (I keep a binder + in my memory) so that’s kind of my starting point. Then each week I try to keep track of things I see that I’d like to try (on blogs, magazines, books I may peruse through). I also try to pick recipes that will allow me to re-use similar ingredients (i.e. buy a bunch of chicken and use all week various ways) along with planning each recipe around how much time I think I’ll have after work each day (i.e. gym days are “fast cook” meal days.) Plus lately I have been seeing what is fresh at the farmers market to select veggies, add a protein I can use all week and then just planning from there. Hope that helps some – there’ no real science to it for me and I prob spend WAY too mcuh time thinking about it too :/ If you have any other questions I’d love to answer them too, so just let me know! 🙂

  10. Fun tostada cups! What a terrific idea!

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