Sunflower seeds + feta + dijon = wrap heaven!

Yea, this happened last night 🙂


The baked apples were so warm & yummy (my mouth just watered typing that, so not normal) — topped with brown sugar + cinnamon and baked at 350F for about 30 minutes just wrapped in some foil, easy peasy


and served over this guy

ice cream

The contrast of warm/cold + vanilla/cinnamon/apples was just delicious!  I curled up on the couch next to my honey and watched some football (or at least tried to understand it haha).  His team is the Packers, however found out today that they lost, sorry honey :/  Ah well, life goes on!

Onto more important things — lunch!

Today’s was THE BEST we have had so far – hands down.  From this place – never even heard of it before?


This combo of flavors tasted just as superfab deelish as it sounds!! Love love loved the sunflower seeds in the mix and the feta + honey dijon was to die for 🙂



Happy girl!!

Check out my buddy’s meal too — he wanted to make sure it got into the blog! Some kind of chicken wrap?


So tonight I am going to check out the YMCA near my training center, since it’s on the other side of town thought I’d give it a whirl.  Also my new friend from class is going to join me and we are gonna get our cardio on!  We will probably check out a class or two in the future, however today we are gonna stick to surveying the place and doin’ some basic elliptical/treadmill goodness.

Dinner tonight is not completely decided, it’s between Mexican food options that’s for sure!!

Here are the choices:

  • Mexican fiesta:  a Cookinfanatic blend of Goya spanish rice, diced chicken, fresh picked poblano peppers all covered with enchilada sauce and some shredded cheese 
  • Tostada cups:  wheat tortillas baked in muffin dish to make tostada shells, filled with beans, salsa, cheese, peppers and topped with sour cream

Which would you choose?!  I am feeling indecisive today 🙂

Alright bloggies, gotta get back to the grind…. gonna be a long one!  I hope you ALL have a wonderful & fantastic day!


7 responses to “Sunflower seeds + feta + dijon = wrap heaven!

  1. Oooo the tostada cups definitely spiked my interest! I say go with that 🙂

  2. Hmmm….choosing between Mexican dishes? That’s like choosing between cupcakes and cookies! 😉

    The tostada cups sound interesting to me, too. And filled with all of my loves!

  3. Why don’t you make both, and dad and I will join you! Just kidding…I already have dinner planned.

  4. Your sunflower seed wrap reminded me of the salad bar wraps that I used to make in college every day. I basically took everything in the salad bar that wasn’t smothered in mayo and loaded it into a wrap. The best part was the craisins or raisins and the sunflower seeds.

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