I’ve got a hot date!

What up happy humpday peeps?!

How is everyone’s day going so far?

We are finishing up some big time presentations in training today and so glad that shizz is ov-ah 🙂  Happy humpday to moi! 

In celebration, The Man and I have decided to go on a dinner date tonight (whoop whoop for a hot date for this lady lurve 😉 )

However, we still can’t decide where in the heck to go.  That’s where you superfab peeps come in… what are you craving today?!

You guys are the best.

I will of course report back with plenty of pix for you fabulous peeps wherever we choose!! 🙂

Lunch today you ask?  From a place called Padow’s




Less than impressed.  White bread. Processed cheese.  Grrrr not that great. 

Oh well, a girl’s gotta eat :/  Hopefully tonight’s dinner with make up for this lackluster lunch! 

One last thing…

Giveaway Alert!!

Ever heard of a soap nut?  Didn’t think so…. 😉  Check out this awesome giveaway over at Eat Clean Live Green to find out more!!

Gotta get back to learning, hope ya’ll have a fantastic day and just think, we’re halfway to the weekend!! 🙂


20 responses to “I’ve got a hot date!

  1. ow owww — have fun wining and dining with your main squeeze.. get it girl ;)!

  2. Have fun tonight. I would do italian but I can’t eat gluten so I always drool for italian.

  3. wine cafe obvi 🙂

    thinking about coming home next weekend or the weekend after!!! yay!

    • You should totally come home sis, I miss you so much!!! we are going to jmu weekend of oct. 16 i think though… so don’t make it that one puleeezzzzzz 🙂

      • ohhh shoot. i’ll have to figure that into my schedule. i cant come home and you not be there?! there would be no point! jk mom and dad

        did i tell you about the sketchy veggie meal i had last night at my etiquette dinner. it was questionable ravioli- not sure if it was stuffed with mushrooms or mystery fake meat…hmmmm

  4. Well, boring Betty here would always choose Italian – 9.5 times out of 10! But I’ve never had Vietnamese and that does sound yummy…

    • I really like Vietnamese bc there are so many healthy options, they have a mixed veggie/chicken dish that is served with a deelish brown sauce on the side for dipping (at least that’s how i order it) and it’s amazing! 🙂

  5. savoringsarah

    Day-yum that is a boring sandwich, compared to the fab lunches you have been getting. Personally, I’m a sucker for GOOD seafood so that’s the route I would take…but hey, anything with the word WINE in it would have to be a close second! Enjoy your date night 🙂

    • yea, boring white bread and american cheese, not my cup o’ tea! i am totally a sucker for good seafood as well 🙂 and this seafood place is probably one of the best in our area, and we can actually walk to it from our house too!!

  6. I vote for the Seafire Grill because good seafood is hard to get!

  7. foodieinthecity

    I vote wine cafe, but that is totally me. I love me some good wine and a fun atmosophere on a date night! Have funnnnn 😉

  8. oooh lala have fun on your hot date!! congrats for almost being done! My vote is for Vietnamese! can’t wait to hear how it goes 🙂

  9. I sometimes prefer going out in the middle of the week – a lot less crowded!

    I had spicy Thai chicken noodle soup that I made with veggie potstickers, I am posting the recipe tonight it was so good!

    Out of the choices above, I would try the Vietnamese – never had that before!

  10. I vote Italian. We’re going on a date too! To froyo! I cannot wait

  11. hmm i would vote romantic wine cafe for sure!

    have fun on your hot date!!

  12. Oh, how I love hot dates! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Sorry about your lunch…. I vote for the wine cafe!

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