There just may be a second date ;)

So you guys rock, but why state the obvious 😉 I loved all the awesome comments on the dinner choices!

And…. after many hours of deliberation (seriously, I was in statistical training again all day peeps…. girl’s gotta dream about somthin’ here) I decided that I would shoot an email The Man’s way and see what he was up for tonight.  I figured when in doubt… leave it up to him (at least for tonight 😉 )!

Here was the exact response I received in the body of the email (no joke)




Sea (and fish) + fire…. clever eh?  Well, I thought this was freakin’ hilariously clever, however do realize that this may not be my non-meat eating friends’ fave joke ever (sorry sis!) but a blog is a blog, and I gotta be who I’m gonna be, and if I think it’s funny then I’m writing about it.  That’s just how I roll 🙂

So Seafire Grill it was!!

Ready for some eatin!

Ready for some eatin!

 And check out who joined us for din…. they have fish tanks seperating the dining tables — how cool is that?!

New JMU school mascot eh?

New JMU school mascot eh?

Who is this guy?!

Who is this guy?!

Woooo dizzy haha

Woooo dizzy haha

For a starter we ordered…



They do it right!

They do it right!

Trustfully deliciously cooked calamari – every time 🙂

Then some of this fantastic bread came out, served warm with a dipping oil infused with herbs. 

Yes please.
I don’t know what they put in this bread, and I swear it’s some sort of spice I can’t put my finger on, but let me tell you this stuff is AMAZING! 

Most. Self. Restraint. Ever. Not. To. Eat. Whole. Bowl.  😉

For din I got what could be one of my fave salads ev-ah 
Seafood salad, bring it 

The fresh crabmeat and perfectly cooked shrimp combined with a most delicious house made greek vinagrette is freaking to die for… trust me. 

Holy yum shrimpalicious

Holy yum shrimpalicious

And it’s huge, like seriously.  Half of this guy is sittin’ in my fridge as we speak — leftovers (not sure for when though haha!)

Overall experience – amazing.  Food – perfect.  Service – impeccable and beyond friendly, these peeps are the best and treat their customers so well.  Which is why we love to go back!  If you live in Richmond you should really check this place out, it’s awesome.

And time spent with The Man is always time that I love spending… so you bet there will be a second date 😉 hahaha

P.S. I must say that all in all I am pretty darn happy with lil’ miss PBJ’s challenge (that’s Jenny for you peeps that haven’t checked out this fab homegirl out yet!) this week, and I am quite pleased with the results 🙂

In other news:  Check out this awesome giveaway over at Jamie’s Precious Peas…. since I just recently as in, last weekend, tried Justin’s squeeze pack almond butter (plain and maple) and LOVED it… I am totally feelin’ this superfab giveaway peeps!

Off to finish up some laundry and get to bed early after some time with the Man… only 1.5 more days of this crazy statistical fanatic week of training… then the weekend!!!

XOXO 😉 (still gotta catch that darn episode!)

Night bloggies!

11 responses to “There just may be a second date ;)

  1. So glad to hear that dinner was a hit! I love the “email” he sent you. Glad that your busy week is almost over. Hang in there.

  2. That salad looks wonderful- such a healthy choice! And way to go with the restraint on the bread bowl- that is always hard for me, especially if I’m hungry.
    Good luck with work tomorrow- you’re almost done!

  3. It’s fun that you email your man while at work. Isaac doesn’t have access to a computer while at work (he’s a teacher) so we can only chat during lunch on the telephono. Oh well. I loved the hubby’s email and Seafire grill looked like a hit. I’ve actually never heard of that restaurant before. I tried to go to their website but I think it might be down.

    Anyhow, I agree we should meet up sometime. I come to the West End often because my fav stores are there… hello TJs and Whole Foods! Let’s plan something soon.

    • I noticed their website was down too, weird? It’s actually in the shopping center right at Lauderdale/Gayton Rd (about .5 miles down from Short Pump Mall) and I honestly wasn’t expecting much the first time I went but was pleasantly surprised! The owner is the same family who owns Trak’s, if you’ve ever heard of that? Let’s def plan a meetup soon, maybe there is somewhere fun that we both want to try for lunch, I’ll keep my eye out! Have a great day girlie 🙂

  4. hahaha – love the Man’s sense of humor! Seafire Grill sounds like PERFECTION. I love me some seafood! (I’m terrified to cook fish at home – smell/fish burning disaster?)

    • he is such a goober right 😉 makes me laugh everyday! i rarely cook seafood at home too but i sure do love going out for it! fish burning disaster sounds smelly haha, i feel ya girl 🙂

  5. OMG I love everything that is seafood. We always order calamri when it’s an option! That salad looks freaking ridiculous…I would devoured every bite!

    Seems like the man made the right choice 🙂

  6. savoringsarah

    Let me channel my inner Rachael Ray…YUMMM-OH!!!

    The pictionary e-mail is hilarious. Very much something my boyf would do.

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